Barn find

Really cool piece! I don't believe it's a Hercules, the emblem on the tank does not look like any I have seen. I'm actually thinking it is a carnival ride sort of build-up:

Sachs 4 speed engine, top of the line moped, entry level motorcycle power plant (mid to late 1950s is my guess), I would not be surprised if it were empty

Wheels rims look similar to push bike or very early bicycle, not much strength for riding, front hub is from a bicycle

Neither wheel appears to have a brake, if the rear does then it is tiny

The muffler was painted red (no chrome)

The rear shocks appear to be cast aluminum or chromed steel mock ups, probably with a spring inside. No front suspension

There appears to be no gas filler cap or petcocks on the tank

Frame appears to be cast or forged h-beam construction or possibly crushed tube

The front wheel attachment is by flattening the end of the fork tube and cutting a slot in the bottom of it, not very secure for an engine driven machine

No sign of or remains of any cables or wiring harness

The running boards are huge (to keep little feet safe), stick out quite a ways with a skid underneath, would not take much of a turn to hit ground. The skids under the running boards are where the arm of the ride mechanism attached.

What should be the drive shaft appears to have bolts through it holding it in place

No sign of there ever being an emblem on the left hand side of the tank, only had to look cool on the outboard side

If I had it I would make it into a ridable motorcycle and ride the heck out of it
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I saw the bolts through the tubular "driveshaft" and I don't see any way there could be a ring gear in the rear hub.
I have to agree with the carnival ride theory.
I wonder if there are more of them in the area where this one was found.
I really like that engine.

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Very intriguing bike!

Is it real? Was it real? Did it ever move under it's own power?.....I think the answer is no, but is sure plays the role of an authentic appearing bike = mission accomplished by whomever made it.

This bike falls right in line with what was my favorite carnival ride as a child. A carousel full of small motorcycles that looked like they could still possibly work, that were attached to a carousel turn table.

As a kid I remember thinking "if only I could get one of these bikes off of this ride".

This carnival ride bike and other bikes like it played a significant role in my childhood which later turned into somewhat of an obsession as an adult that most OldMiniBikes members can relate to.

Thanks for sharing.