"Before and After" pics

Retired FHP and decided to replicate my Patrol Motor.
That's quite unique, DieselPWR6 !
Always nice to have a retired HP officer on our side. ;)

And ''of course'',, ''welcome to Old mini bikes'' !! :)

Appreciate it! My son and myself have started building and restoring mini bikes and go karts. This is our second mini bike project. We will be starting up a YouTube channel very soon called Blue Mountain Karting.
Well it's not done yet but rideable
Got impatient and threw it together painted in high wind cold then scratched everything I touched
Got a franken bike for the forks I haven't changed yet the ones on it straightened to easy and the new ones are froze up
Got a tc for it then realized it was not gonna fit with scrub brake and stock filter and exhaust so OldMiniBikes is sending me a stage one kit for it IMG_20190910_150451088.jpg IMG_20200430_175315056.jpg IMG_20200430_175257394.jpg