"Before and After" pics

when i bought it:

how it looks now:

i hopefully won't be using this frame for too much longer. it's squirrely and i don't feel safe on it running 40mph. the scrub brake also sucks. i'm thinking about just finding a DB30 to stick the motor in. i can also run a bigger rear tire then.
My ct70 hot rod started life as this

Then was this

The I tore it down redid everything and now its this with a 140cc lifan billet rims and custom everything.
whats that your using for a chain scrubber a piece of delrin?
it's part of the primary chain adjuster for Harley Twin Cam engines (i work at a Harley dealership, so i use stuff from there when possible). it's just velcroed on there and keeps the chain from hitting the motor plate (was cut a bunch when i bought it). for $2 and the cost of some velcro it works great.
heres mine

5.5hp HF clone, new paint, brakes, cables and throttle. Parts from AGK, MFG and the local ACE. Very fun now and finally moves.
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Super Bronc project... my first...

This is my first real "resto" project for lack of a better word.
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