Bird Nighthawk

I bought this for the motor but I think I will just sell it instead. The motor looks top be a 3.5hp Tec with the slanted intake and a nice fabbed up tailpipe. The fenders are nice but somebody spraybombed the whole bike without stripping it first so it needs redone. But it kept it from rusting lol. Tires look good too. The seat looks like a Ruttman or old Manco style. Pretty nice except one small tear.

$250 for the bike ..If I don't get any takers I may part out :shrug:

Ok not much interest in the whole bike so looks like parting it out might be my best route. Shame to do it but ....:shrug: Pm me if anyone is interested in certain parts ..Otherwise going to Evilbay


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I think your best bet is e-bay. I have one (with out spring forks) and your right that one is compleate ride ready looks like. They are great bikes (a little small for an adult )stiff frame but nice and lite handles like a mini cycle.

Good luck