Bird Thunderbird Basketcase

Someone really did a number on this Thunderbird I picked up today. It is missing the original front wheel and is pretty rough. It does have the gas tank, rear wheel and scrub brake assembly. I think the engine is original but I had been on the hunt for an HS50 for a Rupp Enduro. I'm not sure what the plan is for it, maybe someone needs it more than I do. Maybe someone will have a spoker front wheel.


How much do you need it? It does not look like a basket case to me.
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I honestly do not need it at all. I have two Rupps that need my attention, a 1971 Roadster2 and a 1970 Enduro. It could be a neat bike, I just have too many projects. If someone wants it, they are more than welcome to contact me. If someone has a front wheel, they could do the same.


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I have a roller with the seat minus the gas tank that I will never get to if someone wants to put it together, I'll get a picture when I go out back and see if someone can put the 2 bikes together and back in use?


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I'll look again tomorrow when it's light out, where I thought it was ended up being an arco bushwacker, but I didn't get rid of the thunderbird it's here just gotta locate it after putting things away for the winter...