bonanza flat track racer

joshua. c.

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I'm in the middle of a build for racing but it wont be finished for a bit

this is an out of date pick but it gives you an idea of what its going to look like.

I'm replacing the home made heavy fenders with reproductions, adding a kick stand and a front brake and I have a set of original rims so I'm going to look for some knobby tires and the engine is getting am overhaul and some mods. for reference this is a 200cc racing motor that puts out 9hp out of the box. I would look for a proper tank to go in front of the seat but the fake ones are terrible and the real ones are way to expensive. for now I have a large canister tank that will go in front of the seat. I'm trying to build a monster so I won't be happy unless this thing scares the crap out of me when I crack the throttle. lol.