Bonanza MX

I hate to part with this but it is not going to get done any time soon so hopefully someone will grab this and make it right again.
This frame was purchased from Markus in perfect shape. i gave it to a relative who did nothing with it but let it sit, the shocks,
handlebars, and handlebar blocks are gone. the gas cap vent is broken, some bolts are rusted, there is some surface rust on the forks.
the seat still looks good.

i will throw in a couple hodaka engines too, i think they are the wrong series, but not totally sure as they are in storage still. they are locked
up so repairs will be needed. one of them has a head with two spark plug holes. $1000 as is, pick up only. i will be happy to drive
a reasonable distance if need be.


20181220_140354.jpg 20181220_140403.jpg
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ok i guess you all want me to part this thing out. sadly i can't do that, no time to
take it apart, package, ship, etc. so i the sale is off. i'll keep it and maybe some
month-year-decade i'll get it together! thanks all!