BUILD-OFF 2014 results

Thanks to all that participated in this years build-off

The people have voted and these are the results

More than 2 wheels


Open class


Scratch Build


Vintage Class


Can't forget about the "just for fun" class and all the others who participated and did not complete theirs.

Wanna thank everyone again.:thumbsup: My son and I enjoyed watching all of them come together.I really think all of us on here are the winners.Just watching and enjoying all the skill here helps all of us
Congrats to all the builders---just a super job on all the bikes. Lets not forget Yoop who did a great job pulling all this together for us. It is a ton of work and for that---THANKS!
Thank you Yoop for taking the time to run the build-off. You did a awesome job:thumbsup: I voted you in for next year:laugh: Congrats to all of the winners:thumbsup:
I have a bike all ready for the next build.... if I can wait that long. Lol
Me too. It is hard waiting to work on it. At least I have other projects to keep me busy.

Thanks so much for the votes and praise. I really appreciate it as I still consider myself new to these bikes. And especially with the competition so tough. All really nice builds!

Congratulations to all!

Now where is my trophy? :laugh:
Great job everyone ! Many great machines came together that would have otherwise been nothing more than scrap metal behind the shed. Always fun seeing the excitement during the Build off :thumbsup::thumbsup:
Awesome Buildoff - Every year the bar just gets set higher and higher. Telling you one of these days you guys are going to be on Discovery:laugh: only thing is your going to have to learn to cuss and swear:laugh::laugh:

Well done everyone - and thanks Yoop:thumbsup:


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GREAT BUILDS!!!!:thumbsup::thumbsup: Congrats to the winners!!! Everyone had AWESOME builds. Just appreciated being involved...Had a BLAST!!! Thanks Yoop for your hard work!! :scooter::scooter::scooter:
Yoop, thanks for taking this on :thumbsup: I'm sure it took up a bit of your free time. And thanks to everyone who participated with a build or even just encouraging comments :bowdown:

I'll be finishing my mini bobber as I wait for the announcement of next years build off. I have pretty good idea of what I'll make next :wink: