Build-Off 2024?

How about one big build off…no moderator, two classes just daily pics and progress up dates…few rules to keep the nates out there honest….

someone with smarts set up a section for it… everyone post pics within 3 days of start up of their pile and certain item….post your daily stuff….must votes wins?

make pomfish the overseer to check daily pics etc….

to make extra exciting have a prize at the end….say a donated gift certificate to our Sponsors establishment?

And say the two classes would be say total cost under $500 and over $500….just a thought…


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"few rules to keep the nates out there honest…"

Could be new term for scammers, sorry to any legit Nate's but my sister in law has to live the name Karen so there's that.
Here's an idea.
If you want to participate, just start a project build thread on some random date, say, 15 January. If there are 8 or 10 individual build threads going at the same time with no rules, then the bitching will be reduced. Set a goal date, like Christmas.
Look and follow, comment and complain all you want. No rules. No winners and NO LOSERS.