Carlisle 4.00-6 Tires

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Looking for one of each or hopefully at least one to match the branded Carlisle tire. The Carlisle I have is NOS, the 2nd is otherwise IDENTICAL but used and has no name/brand, etc. It is marked "Made in USA", not sure if it was a knockoff or Carlisle made some without their brand?

These are for a restoration so I'm looking for NOS or lightly used with no cracking.

I've got a couple oddball/single 6" Goodyears and 5.30/4.50-6" General NOS sets for trades or I am ready for outright purchase if you have any.

20210707_111132.jpg 20210707_111239.jpg
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I might have a decent used tire. I will look. Coker makes that tire. Search Coker scooter tires.
I appreciate it! I have a couple sets of the Coker's, planning on riding those, the Carlisle (or Blank) is for the original Hodaka bike I'll probably never ride after I finish it.
14x6 corkers are in all my 6” wheeled bikes I think they the best out there….corker says they can’t get them lately but there are several vendors that have them cheaper any way….