Cat Eliminator springs

ISO Cat eliminator fork springs with upper cups, and rear shocks I can get them chromed if they are roached. Also need a switch plate forEliminator (large) and for 350ss (small) , clutch covers for both bikes, and seats for both bikes. Thanks for looking.
Is there a model name or number on the sebac shocks ? Or maybe the correct dimensions ? I looked them up and there are dozens that "look" right, but I can't tell which ones I need .
I have a couple of very rusty and probably worn out springs. Not sure if I have any cups left. I do know I researched those and found some steel freeze plugs that would have been perfect once they were drilled out.

Century Spring sells a lot of springs. I'm working on another project, but I'll take a micrometer on my Cat springs and see if they have any closed end compression springs that are suitable.

The Sebac shocks used were 11.5" eye to eye. Member Markus might have some, or know where some are.
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