1. gearnoggin

    Cat Eliminator roller build with Endura parts

    Hey guys, its been a long time since my last post. This is what I'm working on now. I got a Cat Eliminator bare roller that I'm starting to build. It does have the stars and sprocket. The front end was tweaked and of course missing the fender. A year or so ago I got a Cat Endura that...
  2. Cat Eliminator

    Cat Eliminator

  3. Cat Eliminator

    Cat Eliminator

  4. Cat Eliminator

    Cat Eliminator

  5. Cat Eliminator

    Cat Eliminator

  6. Cat eliminator seat

    Cat eliminator seat

    Cat eliminator seat
  7. Cat eliminator seat

    Cat eliminator seat

    Cat eliminator seat
  8. R

    Cat Eliminator Sissy Bar

    This is new in fact it doesn't even have holes drilled in it. Stainless steel. 225.00 radams7425@aol.com Plus shipping
  9. R

    Cat Eliminator Seat ( New )

    I bought this and never used it , I sold the bike so I don't need it. 225.00 plus shipping. radams7425@aol.com
  10. cat_eliminator_seat_trike_boy


  11. markus

    TRADE: NOS 5" Eliminator (Taco) tires for NOS 5" Good year studded

    I have a set of eliminators and a set of DIH Carlisle 4.10 3.50 5" Taco used both styles some times they mixed (eliminator on the front/Carlisle in the back) Willing to trade (however you wanted matching set or one of each) for same sized 4.10 3.50 5" Good Year studded or Firestone's...
  12. HarleyJJ

    progress on the Cat Eliminator

    Thanks to a buddy of mine i was able to score a useable original seat that after sending to get some repair shouold fit the look of the bike perfectly. I have decided to wet sand down to original pineapple paint and clear coat for a neat patina look for now. Tried to upload the pics but...
  13. bikebudy

    Cat Eliminator decal Set

    26.00 US for the set shipped all decals on chrome
  14. HarleyJJ

    Bent forks and bars Muskin Cat Eliminator

    I'm looking for some advice on straightening bent Cat forks and handlebars. Anyone tackle this before, and if so what worked for you?
  15. Cat eliminator seat

    Cat eliminator seat

    Cat eliminator seat
  16. bikebudy

    CAT Slingshot and Eliminator Re-pop sissy bars

    Slingshot 70.00 + Shipping ( Stainless Steel polished ) Eliminator 75.00 + Shipping ( Stainless Steel polished ) Please don't ask what shipping is to where. They are not boxed for me to check at this time. Thank you, Cory
  17. HarleyJJ

    just picked a Tecumseh for my Cat Eliminator project

    I've been looking for a Tecumseh for my Cat project and just picked this Toro 421. I know I will need to ditch the electric start, find the proper shroud, air cleaner, Throttle hook up, and paint it whit but I think I'm off to a good start!
  18. HarleyJJ

    New Cat Eliminator owner

    Thanks for adding me! I am a Harley Davidson dealer in the metro Detroit area and have just acquired my first mini bike project.
  19. John G.

    Cat Eliminator Decals

    In need of cat eliminator handlebar decals. I need two but if you only have one thats cool also. I have other cat decals to trade for, or if you prefer i can do paypal also. PM me thanks , John
  20. C

    Cat Eliminator - restoration help

    Hi all, My coworker is moving and gave me his project he never completed. Anyone have links to restoration of this mini bike. Any tips, suggestions appreciation. My plan is to repaint and clean up chrome Here's what I have. The bolt for holding front end is welded, did it come...