CCS Charger pics and questions

Snagged this so so survivor today off craigslist.i didn't know what it was other than old ( because I am) and got answered in " what is it thread" in minutes. Not sure but the Tec engine tag is telling me that it's 1971 ?? Can anyone tell me what the 12 S stamp on the frame means? I had zero mini bikes last year and now four.. I'm in trouble:laugh:

I get so much enjoyment from this site! Thanks for all the help. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg


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I'm not sure what the stamp on the frame indicates. Most CCS bikes will have a serial plate riveted to the engine plate. Yes, the engine is a '71

Did you pick that up in the Tri Cities? Must've caught me sleepin' :laugh:
The serial plate should be on the front left hand corner of the engine plate and it's not riveted on its glued or something, sometimes hard to see under a new paint job. I would be very interested in knowing the serial number on that bike.
That stamp may be a early serial number, from what I understand ccs kinda just worked with what they had, so they may have just stamped the plate before having nice looking serial tags made in production. I'll have to look over my bikes and see if I can find any stampings. Also look in the center of the motor mount plate on the bottom to see if you have a stamp there I have one with a k stamped on it which I think is the charger k model whi changes was a kit bike they offered.
The 12s stamp is front left engine plate is where the tag goes. I'm thinking kit bike also , western auto ? The seat is different but the gold k model in one of your threads has the same seat. I'll look under mount plate later and keep you posted.