1. C

    Newbie mini bike guy with questions

    Hello all, I'm contemplating buying a mini bike for restoration or buying a brand new kit as a winter project for me and my sons to work on together. Vintage bikes seem to bring more money than the readily available new kits that I'm finding. Are there any pros or cons to buying a new kit...
  2. T

    1969 taco 44 questions and need help so please read

    hello all, i have gotten all the parts and hope to my 1969 taco 44 back together starting tomm, my questions are the wheel extenders ( frame extenders) do the go inside the frame or outside ?? bolts facing in ?? or facing out ?? new bolt for front tire and new spacers should...
  3. danford1

    Wards 525/Gilson questions

    I bought another Wards 525 and have some questions. What factory colors did these come in? I assume the blue color on it is factory. I'll probably take it apart and paint it (if I don't sell it first) and would like to know if anybody knows the paint color code or name of the blue paint. I...
  4. F

    Rupp Roadster 2 questions

    Greetings everyone, This is my first post in the forum and I look forward to any help I can get restoring my recently acquired 1971 Rupp Roadster 2. I know these original came with a Tecumseh HS40,but mine has a HS50. Is this engine interchangeable with the original Rupp primary clutch? Any...
  5. K

    Fox Campus Questions

    Did Fox Campus bikes ever come with 4hp Briggs & Stratton engines? Did they come with plastic or metal chain guards? The one I saw for sale was gold with gold stripes on the fenders and had a 4hp B&S. Thank you for the help.
  6. J

    gearing, sprockets and hub questions

    Ready to order sprockets for the jimmy gote. 13 hp, with jackshaft and torque converter. Be used for trail riding mostly, not really interested in high speed. If it does 35mph I'll be happy. Needs to be able to carry myself and a couple hundred pounds of elk. I was think of a starting gearing...
  7. P

    fuel pump questions

    For those of you who have experience with a pulse fuel pump, how high and far will one of these reliably pump fuel?
  8. B

    212 hemi mod questions

    hey, i have a 212 hemi with a few mods done to it but seem like it not performing right.. could it be to much cam? part list: no governor arc .020 rod arc ultra lite flywheel isky .310 cam 108LSA i have tried 26lbs and 37lb springs flatslide carb ported head .010 head gasket also what do...
  9. S

    First Predator Build, I have lots of questions.

    First off I have been reading for a couple months but I am a new member and this is my first post. I appreciate the tons of info I have already found but I still have some questions. I am building my first Hemi 212 Predator. I will include a build list of what I plan on doing and then ask the...
  10. P

    Rear shock questions

    The rear shock/springs I used in my build off bike seem to be extremely stiff....ass rattling stiff. I have no idea what make or rating they have, but the spring wire is .300" in diameter, and I can't compress them more than about 1/2" even when I jump on it. I've been looking at replacements...

    Questions about 4" wheels and tires

    I have discovered a set of 4 " wheels and tires in my stash I am not referring to the smaller one that goes on a skateboard. Anyways what is the smallest diameter tire I can put on this wheel and where can I find a way to mount a sprocket to it? Thanks
  12. danford1

    Wards 525 clutch and converter questions

    I have a Wards 525 that I recently purchased. It runs and drives well but it doesn't have the correct drive system on it. It is just a clutch with a belt to a fixed pulley. It works pretty good but I want more torque and lower "gearing" for acceleration. A torque converter gives that. While...
  13. K

    Baja warrior questions.

    It looks like there is something missing here. I am about to place a order with OldMiniBikes & wanted to order the missing parts. Thanks
  14. R

    New to Me Murray Track 2 Questions

    I picked up an almost like new Murray Track 2 today. Paint tires etc. are excellent. It shows a manufacturing date of 01043 and the tires are stamped 0048. This makes the tires the 48th week of 2000 and the bike 43rd week of 2001? The Tecumseh is an H35 45776Y. So far I've increased the idle...
  15. J

    6.5 Predator(#60363) swap on old Baja Blitz, have questions.

    Picked up an old and completely stock Baja Blitz out a field on some property my parents bought and it was missing right grip/throttle/throttle cable, had a seized clutch and chain, and the caliper was beyond repair. I got it running as-is with a little elbow grease and PB Blaster but it...
  16. E

    Bonanza Scout questions.

    Hi everybody, I've started to tear down the Scout and decided to start with the brakes. My question is are these 5" shoes? I don't see how they couldn't be, but I don't know how they are measured on minibikes. I don't want to buy the incorrect ones. Since I'm staying stock with them, any...
  17. jeffdubb8

    H35 Lighting Coil Flywheel Questions

    I have an Aspera HT35 from the 1960's/1970's which for all intents and purposes is the same as an H35. I recently got an H35 lighting coil from an OldMiniBikes member and the flywheel rubs against the coil. Question is: are the flywheels on the lighted H35 engines different than the flywheels on the...
  18. S

    Fox questions

    Just picked this up today and was hoping for some more info on it. According to the decals it's a Fox FX 170. I looked it up and while I have found similar bikes, I've been unable to find this exact model. Anyone ever own one or see one before? Although a little dirty, everything works and...
  19. danford1

    Carb adapter questions for a Predator 212 Hemi

    I have a Predator 212 Hemi on a minibike with an angled engine plate. I have the round air filter adapter and air filter on it. It sticks out the side of the engine and my leg hits the air cleaner easily. I want to buy a carb adapter that will angle the carb toward the rear of the minibike...
  20. Davis

    Honda gx160 questions

    I'm installing a gx160 in a cat 400x and my questions are I bought a stage one kit from OldMiniBikes and I'm not sure about installing the advanced timing key as I've heard the gx160 was already advanced and dunno if I should use the 140 emulsion tube in it or stay stock and I am installing #18 valve...