Vintage Central cycle supply CCS

image.jpg caught a little break from the rainy spring weather ... Got some primer on some of the engine parts. Frame is at the autobody shop. I Really wanna see how the color it turns out!
image.jpg Got some painting done on the HS50. Still need to do more. Been a super rainy spring around here, terrible for painting. Bought this H50 yesterday. Was told it came off A Rupp Shriners Bike. The person switched out engines to have a electric start motor. I love the chrome! It also has the lighting coil. Hopefully I’ll get my frame back from the paint shop this week so I can see if it will lineup. I’m thinking the Mini Bike is from the mid to late 60s so would have originally came with a H50. The crome recoil for it is being sent to me. Should have it later this week.
image.jpg Had no spark... adjusted the magneto+points and sanded contact spots. Pulled some temporary parts from a donor engine. We got spark and she’s firing!! Hope to play with it some more tomorrow to get it tuned in. I like this engine option. Just not sure how well it’s going to fit because I don’t have the frame back yet. Hopefully get it back soon so I can see what happens..HS50 or H50
image.jpg had this bad boy running good yesterday, reved-up and idled nicely! Let it sit really running for about five minutes and then no spark. Either something moved or the lighting coil is bad. If it’s a bad coil, I got a great replacement non lighting coil and fly wheel. My arm is too tired from pull starting this darn thing...not gonna mess with it any more tonight LOL