Check your frame(s)!

Pics from a current CL ad that I just saw. Inspect your frame(s)! I think later models had a gusset in this area, connecting the top tube to the down-tubes.


I recently picked up a Warrior.I always add a gusset there. As well as weld up around the motor mount plate. Greatest Chinese bikes made in my opinion.
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Wasn’t there a recall on these for this reason?

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There were recalls (plus lawsuits and fines); you can still find info on some of them; not sure if the frame cracking/breaking was the cause of recalls. They mention the fork separating from the wheel; knowing government agencies, I would not be surprised if they worded the problem incorrectly.

Another issue was leaking fuel tanks resulting in bikes catching fire.
The first Bajas where full of flaws but the low slung motorbike style never lost favor.They have been steady improved and still have a following.
At the time when I worked for OMB, I can remember people taking them in to tractor supply for the recall and getting a whole new bike.

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Could you please clarify where exactly the crack is ? I cannot tell from the pic what I am looking at.
Does anyone have pics of how gussets are shaped and added ?
Don't know what device you are viewing this on, but the crack is quite visible in the second photo on my largish monitor. I've circled the crack to help you find it. Perhaps @gumpit will provide pics of his gusset job.


Oh yea. That was very helpful. I could see the crack on the closeup but I could not figure where on the overall frame.

I guess I am ready for dive into some welding. What is recommended.... wire feed TIG or MIG or something else ?

I bought an old Lincoln AC/DC stick welder twenty years ago at garage sale but never plugged it in.
I think they crack there from the leverage of the footpegs twisting the front downtubes, if you try to stand on the pegs. they are too far forward to begin with. I removed my pegs and clamped a tube on the brackets. its much stronger on top of the frame and strengthens the area.