Chinese 49cc Dirt Bike Review with Pictures

We bought our almost 7 year old Granddaughter Rylee this Free Shipping Kids 49cc 2 Stroke Gas Motor Dirt Mini Pocket Bike Green H DB50X | eBay ... we paid $369.95 delivered, not the $1,369.95 that is now listed at. (Typo)?

They are listed under several names with slight variations.
DB49A, DB50X, QG-50, QG-50X, Coolster, Speedmax 50X .. and likely more.

The info on the bike says its intended for 16 and older but the weight rating is 100lbs max .. My average 10 year old granddaughter Brooklyn was too big for it, she had to sit on the rear fender or eat her knees.

Rylee is small-ish for her age ... we got her a Monster Moto e250 last year ...

She took to it like a fish to water ... but it was never fast enough for her. We told her to wait a year and we would get her a bike with a motor.
We chose this for price and ease of use. A regular mini is too tall and heave for her, a Yamaha PW50 used is $600 and $1500 new .. we wanted to make sure she really wanted a bigger bike before spending $$$ on a nice one.

It came in a box delivered by FedEx.
The front wheel, shock, and handlebars needed to be put on.
The seat height was too tall for Rylee at 24", she was on her tip toes. I made a strut that lowered the seat to about 21" so the muffler was just off the back wheel. She is now flat footed on the ground.

Putting the front wheel on was work. The forks were tweaked from shipping, I had to disconnect the front brake cable, pry the forks apart while lining up the wheel with a spacer on each side and get the axel trough. A 2 man job. In the end I noticed the forks are slightly bent in like it hit a tree. Not enough to complain about.

Putting the handlebars on I had one Socket Head Cap Screw that wouldn't tighten, the threads in the lower were not tapped deep enough. I got a tap from work and chased it deeper.

The front wheel to the handlebars was sloppy/loose/dangerous ... I had to tighten all 4 triple tree clamp Cap Screws.
This view also shows the bent forks.

The chain was tight as a banjo string and needed loosening.

Its a pull start that takes a 25:1 mix. Because this is such a heavy mix I bought some Lucas 2-stroke synthetic oil that is supposed to be "smokeless" (its not) but more importantly to help keep plug fowling to a minimum.

Got the gas in, choked and pulled .. it fired right up but seemed to idle a bit high, the bike almost takes off on you at idle. But im thinking that with such a heavy mix this keeps the rpm's up to help to keep from fouling the plug.

Twist the throttle and it smoothly takes off but quickly gains speed ... a lot of speed!
I strongly advise not to put a child on this thing until they have a good grasp of how a throttle and brake levers work.
This bike is much quicker and faster than any mini bike I own. It will do at least 35mph ... maybe faster, I told Rylee to keep the speed down as this bike is beyond her skill level. This is good for her as she is a Tomboy who is very competitive and needs to be challenged ... but in this case she NEEDS adult supervision!
This is NOT a bike for a beginner rider!!

The brakes work great!

The bike is Chinese and it has plastic levers and such, its not Yamaha quality.
Parts availability seems good with complete motor/clutch setups going for less than $80 on ebay.

All in all this is what I expected to get and I am not disappointed for the price.
A working knowledge of basic/general mechanics is needed by the assembler to insure its safe to ride.
No comments? :hammer: I have zero interest in these bikes but that was a beauty of a review. Sounds like a good bike for 'testing the waters". :thumbsup:
Kids could destroy a couple of these and you'd still be out less than the cost of one nice PW. But... I'd sure like to have a new PW, just for garage art. They are cool bikes.