Clear coat on fuel tanks to preserve paint & decals

I've clear coated 2 tanks now in an effort to preserve the paint and decals. Between fuel leaking out of the cap while riding, pressure building up causing fuel to bleed out of the cap, and refilling the tank, I've become VERY conscious of not getting fuel on my tanks. Clear coating them seems to be the best method in protecting them. (aside from being very careful in general) I have had fuel leak on the clear coat, and it does take it's toll, however, it can be brought back without damaging the paint or decals. And I can always recoat them if the clear wears away.

Anyone else do this?

Any down side to doing this?

I will soon have an NOS tank from 1971, with full original paint and decals, and I am planning on clear coating it as well but I am a little nervous. I might just lock the tank in a glass case and look at it from a distance :laugh:



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Spray max 2k clear. The 2 part clear is much better than the stuff your using. The clearcoat your using will eventually come off with gasoline. Down side of the 2k clear is it is expensive.
Yes it is! The other downside is that once you activate that can, you have (at max) 2-3 days before it goes bad. At ~$25 a can, it's really pricey. I try not to activate a can unless I've got a lot of stuff that needs clearcoat. I hate paying out the money, but it really does go on smoothly and looks incredible once it's on.
I think that any new paint including clearcoat will be affected by gas. If you can afford to wait about 60 days it will harden to the point where it's not effected. That's been my experience.
Unless it's catalyzed, it will still lift. The Eastwood and other 2k catalyzed clears will withstand solvents. However, they can dull and discolor from them.

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