1. creia

    What minibikes had Briggs engines with front mounted tanks?

    Lots of them came with the rear-mounted tanks with the "Pulsa-Jet" (diaphragm) carb. Did any come from the factory with the front-mounted tank and "Flo-Jet" (float bowl) carb? Which ones were they? Michael
  2. R


    I have about 20 New unused Gas tanks that are off the 212cc Predator $20 each Shipped or i can sell as many as you need and give you a great deal New and unused they all have the breather valve I have Hemi and a majority of Non Hemi Will Trade for all or whatever you need
  3. Baja from parts

    Baja from parts

    After I got started and wasted time on a fake tank I switched to finding a real tank. Visited a bunch bike graveyards and found this tank off a Pagsta Chopper. A near match besides the mounting.
  4. JohnnyTillotson

    Gas tanks

    All $25 plus shipping. The maroon and purple ones are Chibi and Gemini, I think. No caps for those. The red one I dont know what it is. I have never used these so I never had gas in them. They were all at one time or another going to be for my Toyoco until I found an origin one. The...
  5. J

    Long range sears roper? double tanks, yes or no?

    Ok, so I am working on a resto-mod of this 10 inch wheel sears roper. It has the original triangle top mount tank, which i have managed to clean to a very useable state. This tank of course will be used on this bike no matter what. Now i had to choose an engine for this bike... I have...
  6. Peekster

    Tecumseh Gas Tanks

    Nos side fill with brackets. $50 plus shipping Used tank $20 plus shipping
  7. R

    Gas tanks and carbs options for a 3.5

    Hey all. I had a 3.5 brigs model 91212 on my manco and swapped it out for the predator a while back. I no longer have the gas tank for the brigs. I was wondering if someone had a source for brigs parts or had one laying around they would sell me. I have seen one or two new online for like $60...
  8. thejoker

    Looking for super bronc and Hilltopper tanks

    In search of super bronc and Hilltopper tanks. I need 2 but will take what I can get. Thanks
  9. Ding Ding

    Clear coat on fuel tanks to preserve paint & decals

    I've clear coated 2 tanks now in an effort to preserve the paint and decals. Between fuel leaking out of the cap while riding, pressure building up causing fuel to bleed out of the cap, and refilling the tank, I've become VERY conscious of not getting fuel on my tanks. Clear coating them seems...
  10. will72rupp1

    Tecumseh hs fuel tanks

    Tecumseh hs fuel tanks, $25.00 - metal tank $55.00 + shipping from nc.. i would rather trade for minibike bike parts could use, Bonanza parts , i need a fork, or lower legs, & a round fuel tank to go under the seat of my Bonanza, or trade for 1970 & up rupp minibike parts or other Tecumseh h35...
  11. LSCustoms

    Cylinder/Round Gas tanks...

    I received a gift yesterday, complete surprise... A TIG WELDER... I jumped right in, no practice... but I have spent a couple of years watching weldingtipsandtricks vids... so wasnt as afraid to do so, as i thought i would be... anyhow... i had a friend make me a few bungs, billet gas caps...
  12. BMFracing17

    predator gas tanks

    Anybody need any stock predator gas tanks? I have hemi and non hemi $25 each shipped
  13. bikerboybenny8

    painting plastic gas tanks??

    i recently just finished my nighthawk and did a slack ass job throwing a coat of black spray paint on my nighthawk tank... it started peeling about 1 day after i started riding haha.. what are your guys' experiences with painting plastic? any processes that have proven to be successful? im...
  14. countstevula

    8 NOS steel gas tanks Large Capacity with Gauge Caps

    Selling off my gas tanks. New old stock, with gas gauge caps. They have shelf and handling wear only. Some scratches and dings but overall pleasing condition and clean inside. Threaded bung on bottom end of tank. Each measures approximately 9.5" long, 6.75" wide, and 6" from bottom of tank...
  15. markus

    will this carb fit the old tanks? (5hp)

    Gotta Briggs coming that was built up, its an 80's engine. anyone know if this carb style will still fit the old flat tank bolt pattern and tube holes? I want to use my older shrouding with Aluminum recoil and flat tank for a more period correct appearance.
  16. 125ccCrazy

    Briggs 5hp tanks and carb

    Front mount 5hp tank, very solid and clean inside $15 plus shipping Rear tank with freshened carb, will need gasket between carb and tank... Tank has a few minor dings but is clean inside.. Choke is tight... $30 plus shipping.
  17. manchester1

    Gas tanks are back.

    Vintage Antique Steel Round Gas or Fuel Tank Minibike Moped GoKart Scooter | eBay
  18. markus

    powdercoating briggs tanks

    I've seen it mentioned that tanks like the rupp dont fair too well at the seam when they get in the oven to bake, do the briggs tanks hold up or will the seam let loose on those as well?
  19. 125ccCrazy

    Did some Bonanza MX tanks come with fiberglass filler necks?

    wondering if an mx tanks came with fiberglass filler necks and if so were they were certain years?