1. Sixpac440

    How do-able is powder coating at home?

    I was quoted $75 to do 2 Heald wheels that are clean as a whistle. I see $80 powder coat systems on eBay .. electric ovens are cheap on CL. Thoughts?
  2. B

    Powder Coating

    Anyone have a price on what it cost to powder coat a doodlebug frame in your neck of the woods? Never powder coated anything so no idea is this is just more dreaming on my part and a poor use of my dollars. Would be dam nice looking that is for sure.
  3. Ding Ding

    Clear coat on fuel tanks to preserve paint & decals

    I've clear coated 2 tanks now in an effort to preserve the paint and decals. Between fuel leaking out of the cap while riding, pressure building up causing fuel to bleed out of the cap, and refilling the tank, I've become VERY conscious of not getting fuel on my tanks. Clear coating them seems...
  4. Old enough

    69 Taco T100 powder coating forks

    Does anyone know how others have powder coated the forks and still be able to get the springs and the lower forks on, I have had to remove the powder coat as it is to thick to install springs, I have seen many purple t100s with purple under the springs. I need some ideas. Thanks
  5. Old enough

    69 Taco 100 powder coating

    Does anybody have an answer to how others have had the forks powder coated and we're still able to install springs and lower fork ends, I had to remove the powder coat just to get the springs on! I have seen many purple t100s with purple forks under the springs. Just don't have any ideas. Thanks
  6. 1troy7

    Powder coating an engine questions.

    So, can it be done? I have seen some on this forum. Will it last? What temps do the predators engines get up to? I sent a email and got this reply: I would have to say we are going to have to pass on this unfortunately due to a few issues. The first being the extensive masking that is...
  7. pro tc

    Powder coating

    My super grape 2 came in for my rupp rascal is any one on here using powder coating. i'm going to do the tear down this weekend i think.
  8. W

    New, barn find! Manco Thunderbird

    Just a new member, found this thing basically in pieces, rusted to hell! Today I finished the ruff part of it & got it running on the street! Next will be powder coating and paint. Curious to what year this could be?
  9. mini one

    Best metal flake paint?

    Been meaning to ask this for a while. What brand of rattle can have you guys had luck with getting the old school metal flake look out of, or is it even remotely possible beyond a regular metallic? Powder coating can't go that direction as far as I have seen, and I know originally it was...
  10. capguncowboy

    How much Powder for Powder Coating?

    I am getting ready to send my frame off for powder coating. Before I do, I've got to order the color I want. How much powder should I order? It comes in pounds. It would probably be best to have a little extra in case there are any mishaps or it requires a second round of coating. I'm coating...
  11. A

    Plum Crazy Powder Coating

    Does anyone know if they make a powder coating similar to the Plum Crazy Purple?? I have a Ruttman Wild Goose frame I wanna have powder coated that color!!
  12. JBeasty

    Powder Coating

    Question about using filler and powder coating. One guy at the shop said you can't use ANY type of fillers if your powder coating - apparently the oven cracks fillers such as bondo. Have to fill w metal only. Another guy said you can use a product called "Lab metal", which is a 2 part product...
  13. J

    Foam pieces in powder coating gun?

    Since there are no stupid questions (only stupid people, haha), here we go! I bought a little Craftsman powder coater to play with (it was only $35) and in the powder canister, there is what looks to be 2 small pieces of orange foam (look like ear plugs, but one is longer than the other). Is...
  14. J

    KBS Coatings for rusty tank - Anyone have opinions?

    The inside of the tank on the bike I'm restoring has some rusting going on. I did some searching and came accross KBS coatings 3 step system. Has anyone used this? Would you reccomend it or something else? Seems like for $39 it is a pretty good solution. Also, could this be done before...
  15. bullhead

    Does anyone DIY powder coating

    I'm thinking about doing my own powder coating. There is no shop in town. And now paint has gone through the roof. In price.:hammer: Powder Coating Equipment - Powder Coat Paint Colors - Powdercoating Gun Bullhead
  16. AClonedMinibike

    Powder Coating Mini Bike Rims

    Hey Guys I want to powder coat my minibike rims. Do you guys think it would look good with a the main rim gloss black and the lip red :shrug: Any suggestions? Also, I live in New York anyone hear of AMS Powder Coating or Action Powder Coating? How are they? Also, I heard that sand blasting is no...
  17. waltsuz

    Powder coating basic questions

    I know from reading posts there are a few guys here with a lot of powder coating experience. I got a few questions if someone may offer some answers please. How much metal prep should I do? Does it need to be like primer ready or does the coater do this? What should I expect to pay for a...
  18. Clayon

    Powder Coating, What do you pay?

    Soon I will be getting a '72 Moto Skeeter 650, and I really want to do this bike right, so I am going to be phoning a few local powder coating shops and taking quotes on what it will cost to get the frame, tank, fenders, engine shroud, clutch covers, etc powder coated. I was just wondering what...
  19. A

    Powder coating problem...Advice needed

    I just got my Skat Kitty back from the powder coater. Everything looks great, even the parts that he chrome powder coated. Problem is the frame. There are little pin holes all over it. He said because of impurities in the cast aluminum. When he bakes it the impurities pop out. You can see...
  20. 19honda69

    Powder coating sprocket

    My sprocket on my bonanza is painted.I am getting some things together to powder coat and was wondering if doing the main sprocket has any issues with the brake.Should they even be pained.It looks like they come zinc plated new.