Clockwise torque converter?

Well, I'm in the process of figuring out the drivetrain on this mini project.
The way the engine and rear wheel are sitting, there is not a clear line to run the chain. I know I will need a jackshaft.(probably two, maybe three)
My question right now is this: If I buy a torque converter kit and mount the driver on a jackshaft, can I mount it facing the right side of the frame?
It looks like the driven pulley can be reversed, and I think this is where my brain runs into a hiccup. If I take the driven apart and move it so it sits against the other side of those ramps, what do I do with the spring? Can I just turn it over, or do they make a 'clockwise' spring?
I am thinking about a sprocket on the 2 stroke crank, chain to a 3/4" jackshaft behind the engine and mounting the T/C on the right side of that jackshaft.
By doing that, I could align the whole assembly and the driven sprocket with the wheel sprocket, only on the RIGHT side.
If you understand what I just said, please help me. AAAAGGGHHHH!!!!

*edit* PS it might be driving me toward abusing alcohol.
If I have a 3/4 inch jackshaft mounted behind my engine, and I leave about 2 and a half inches of the shaft outside the bearing on the right side, just like the PTO , but spinning the opposite direction, can I use a TC that was meant to bolt onto a 212? I know I will need a 4 bolt mounting bracket.


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Sounds like you already have it figured out. You would need to preload the driven into the opposite "valley" for clockwise operation. And like you said where would you get a spring for it. The driver would work fine but it's the driven that doesn't allow for what sounded like a good idea.