Clone Crank in Ducar/Tillotson 212

Good day all. New member and rather uneducated with these small motors so here's my thing...
Tillotson 212E on an old mb200 (I think) frame with a China 30 series. I took the long shaft crank and flywheel out of the old clone motor and put it in the 212 block. I did this for the extra crank length to mount driver and the stator coils to run the halogen bulb. I've run about 4 hours so far like this. I've now realized, after reading a few very informative threads here, that I have destroked her down to a 208cc and lost some compression I'm sure.. Can someone give me some advise on a good rod and piston combo?
I imagine getting my compression up will be the key to getting my off the line power back. So I'm thinking this motor will go on my bench this weekend and I'll start tearing her down. I'm eager to put this black mamba Jr cam in her but I want to make sure it's ready for it. I'll put one of my 212r motors on the mud scooter in the meantime and start breaking her in.

Anybody else just buy the new Tillotson 212r yet? I have 2 of um on my shelf dying to go in one of my karts or minis. I have a little collection starting
Got some parts in the mail. Flat top 70mm bore piston, .020 over clone connecting rod, Black Mamba Jr cam, some gaskets, thick and thin head gaskets, some mikuni and keihin jets, a nice fresh set of feeler guages, and some jet drill bits.
IMG_20190220_164744180.jpg This is the Ol' Mud Scooter with the tillotson 212 still on her. It'll be on my bench this weekend IMG_20190220_164940502.jpg While that motor is on me bench one of these brand new 212r motors is gonna go in it's place for a little while. I've gotta race kart that one of these will end up on also IMG_20190212_173951_01.jpg
Making some progress finally... Gave the 208 a good bath and pulled all apart. I gotta old clone head (jt-123) to go along with the build. Waiting on a couple small tools in the mail and I'll start putting her back together.


She is alive! It took some time and a river trip but all is back together and I've got a few hours on her. Not a lick of smoke and it sounds great! There were a few steps I skipped in the rebuild like piston to valve clearance and ring gap so I was a bit nervous that first pull. Much more power and its singing up to 5k+