Well it is a 2HP engine. Not exactly a rocket ship.

You might be able to disassemble the clutch and change the springs for higher engagement?
How many teeth are on the sprockets?
You are correct I should be a lot quicker than it is after a little bit more research I think it’s my carb not the clutch . Need to get a little bit quicker response From the carb. Then I’ll check back in to the clutch.
i remember few years ago when the Chinese doodlebug came out with that 2.5hp or some people called a 2.8hp people where replacing the stock stall spring(2000-2100) and running a 2500 stall spring in them and really help the engine take off better. a header wouldn't hurt either.
but i see you have a old vintage clutch and springs. my guest the springs are or could be weaken over the years and your stall speed comes in at a low rpm. you would have to run a tach first to verify anything and then go from there. if indeed it was low engage you could maybe cut one spring loop off of each one and rebend the loop hook. must be done correct. need to do some testing first and if you weigh a lot it might be a big dead end.