Coleman CT200u-EX

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Thought I would finally share my ride.

Coleman CT200U-EX

Extended front and rear fenders
Front brake added by swapping out the stock front rim with a rear rim, fabricated bracket and U bolt.
Garmin Edge GPS
Lenzyne Light from mountain bike

Engine: Hisun 196CC
NR Racing 18CC Honda Head, milled .050, 27 intake, 24 exhaust, 37lb spring, stainless valves, Champion rockers, chromoly push rods and billet lifters, Burris head studs, clear valve cover
ARC 2.165" 3/4" crank
ARC Rod standard length
Black Mamba Junior Cam
Dished piston
Genuine Mikuni VM22-133 Carb
HotRodMiniBike Header with Briggs hot dog muffler
PMR Jack shaft with a 9.1:1 ratio
Hilliard Flame clutch
Renthal 420 Chain
Burris case studs
3910X plug
93 Octane

Really fun bike. Plenty of power down low to climb hills and I top out around 44-45 MPH and roughly 7500 rpm.


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Not sure if you're still active but figured I would give a heads up. On a third party seller is "selling" this bike under priced and with them offering free shipping and showing conflicting photos(some stock some with upgrades) I assume scam did a reverse image search on one of their photos and one of them came back as your image.
That some company on is selling a bt200x for 409 as well. If you order through are you protected? I have a Walmart gift card for 500 bucks (work gave them out for a quarterly bonus). I wonder if I'd get it.


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I'm wondering how far in or out of the hole he was with the 55mm stroke crankshaft? And what head gasket was used?