Coleman purchase thoughts

Looking at either the bt200x or the ct200u. What are the pro's and con's to both? I like the look of the old school ct200, but the bt200 seems more solid and has suspension.
everyone tells me the baja or the bt 200 is the way to go to ride cause it streetable i got 2 colemans and i like the old school look too there was a 1 week old one for 250 the other day buy what you like and you could always resell and try the other not much investment
I personally would get the bt200x over the ct200u. Because front suspension, light and thicker frame. Other than that their mostly the same: drum brakes, 6.5hp engine, same size tires.
hope this helps!!!
I like it better, too. I didn't know about the bt model til now.
Also new, the ct200u is now a ct200u-a, which comes without the big
front and rear rack. When I bought mine the ct200u was
the lone coleman. I suppose one still comes with racks, though the bike is faster
without them, but if needed could handle vast amounts of weight.
That's my personal favorite. That and the trailmaster mb200.
But out of my price range.
My mega max 212cc without front suspension from Walmart is supposed to be here Friday