Custom bodywork

So I am getting bored with my doodlebug.

I have decided to build a fiberglass body work and make a gas tank mounted to the top of the frame. I want to make it look like a old flat track bike. I have made some progress so far.
I built a base for the mold I will be using out of wood and after the general shape is made with wood I will do it the Ed Roth way and use some plaster and sculpt out the final shape and then lay the glass.

This might take me a little while and there might not be a ton of progress at times, but this is the thread to document it.

Feel free to comment and share similar projects.

I appeciate your comments. GTO is not being negative, he simply stated someone else thought of it first. I am the throwning king of negativity, nobody can out neg. me.

Give a quick apology and move on!

TT Training for war! Out!
id love to make something like this but i dont have the tools or know how yet to get the compound curves and whatnot out of metal. Looking forward to your progect :thumbsup:
I like the idea of bodywork. I see HF advertising an english wheel for forming sheet metal. I have little experience in fiberglass (except boat repair).

Why is it called an english wheel?

Sounds like a cool project Frank
If you ever watched the show "Unique Whips" you'll see how the one guy made speaker boxes out of fiberglass... He would make a shape for the speaker to sit on, angled usually, then make a shape out of MDF for the base... then he would staple fleece (the stretchy material they make sweat shirts out of) and it would form curves... he would them paint on fiberglass resin, and get the general shape, then once it set up, he would layer on regualr fiberglass mat and cloth for strength... He's finish up with bondo to make it smooth and either paint it, or cover it with landau foam (thin vinyl top padding material) and cloth or leather....

Seems to me you could make shapes from wood, and 1/8" rod, and stretch the fleece over them and use the same technique for a fiberglass body....

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I have an evil plan in mind for a Superglide style "body" for a minibike...