Custom Cat with 212 Predator

Selling this one so I can free up some cash for a high horsepower 212 Predator build I want to do.

The frame started out as an old Cat one that was in rough shape. Gave it to a buddy of mine and he made this bike out of it. It's got a lot of little custom touches to it and it runs great. Needs nothing and is ready to go. The only things I'd consider doing to it are a billet rod and flywheel since the governor has been bypassed. This bike is more of a cruiser to me being on the smaller tires, so I didn't see the need to do the billet parts.

It has a 212 Predator with a 22mm Chikuni carb and a custom made header/muffler (sounds good). It's running 5" Azusa Tri-Star wheels with a rear drum brake setup.

Local sales only, located in the SF Bay Area (Martinez, next to Concord). Asking $750. I've got a bit of wiggle room on the price.

Before any of you decide to bitch about the price, look at what else is for sale in this area. You could buy this or a hammered to shit DB with a janky 212 swap for $600.


The exhaust is not braced (it's not heavy) and I don't have a clutch guard. I've run plenty of headers with RLV silencers and have never had an issue.

I do like the clutch guards that you can get from www.metalfabcreations. Got one of them on my green Doodlebug. You can see it in the background of the second pic.