DB30 has no balls. Please help

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They don't need proof. It's got a 212 and is a racer! Zoom zoom!

I've been a legit 60mph on my small tire CT200U. There's not a chance in hell I'd want to go that fast on one of my DB30s.
All these kids are doing is gearing for top speed and maxing out their built engines on a long stretch of flat road.

Here's an example:

All these kids are doing is gearing for top speed and maxing out their built engines on a long stretch of flat road.
Meh. I have no interest in bikes that take half a mile to hit high speeds. My CT200U does 60mph in under 600'. It's a handful to get launched.

That kid in the video is a fucking idiot too doing speeds like that with only a helmet on. If he went down, he'd be a meat crayon.

If I'm doing a top speed run I'm wearing a helmet, full gauntlet gloves, jacket, boots and some riding pants. Same shit as if I was on a motorcycle.
The 212 swap is always the easy way out. 4 years ago, just for fun, I took my yellow DB30's low hours 97cc and worked it. Side note about the 97cc....they take a long time to break in....the longer they run, the better they run. My Uncle's is 9 years old and runs great. So, if you get bored and want to tinker, try these steps: 5W-30 synthetic. The manual says use 15W-40....they were smoking the good stuff when they printed that. The tiny rotating assembly struggles to push that motor honey around. Break out the pin vise set and open up the jets. Go one step larger on the pilot jet, and start with one step larger on the main. Read the plug and jet accordingly after that. They're way too lean from the factory, and a lot of people say they have to run on half choke because of that. HotRodMiniBike isn't around anymore, but their PMR jackshaft kit was really what these pathetic engines needed from day one. I had one left over from another parts engine I had gotten from a local friend. Remove the throttle stop screw completely with the jackshaft on the engine. MaxTorque clutch with green 2550 spring. Machine the head for more compression. Step one to make more torque: raise the compression. My brother milled .045" off of the head when he was a machinist. The difference was amazing. Finally, build a header. Now I know it sounds stupid and I'll be unpopular for mentioning all of this crap, but it really made a night and day difference on that little 97cc. My Uncle continues to enjoy his, ungoverned and revving into the stratosphere, with a home made jackshaft. When I had his cylinder head machined, it made it that much better and he was really impressed. I think these are easy changes to make, and would be better suited for younger riders too...they can increase performance without flipping themselves over with a punchy 212, and learn a thing or two in the process about how engines work. My two cents, YMMV.