Db30 needs brakes, none on bike missing.

I bought a db30 and the brakes are missing, no rotor and the mechanical caliper is broken. It has the lever and cable.
So my main question is, should I put a stock style brake assembly back on it or upgrade to a hydraulic setup?
I know the stock stuff is cheaper in price and does the job on this bikes current setup.
I will make this bike go around 35 mph or more in the future or think I will.
It has a 196 tecumseh in it right now, and it runs and rides with it and I’ll keep the till I’m ired of it.
I’m sure I will put a predator 212 or a Honda gx160 into it one day.

Is there a better setup to buy in stock brake stuff from on one place or another or are they all the same stuff?
If you want to go with original stock type parts including the rotor you might check with Doug ( FOMOGO ) on here . I think most all mini bike sites carry the hydraulic systems now , but they don't come with the rotor .
Is the hydraulic swap a direct swap with no modifications needed?
The local guys say it isn’t a direct swap and needs a new mount to line up.
I don’t know if they had a bad experience with an eBay or some other setup.
I wouldn't go with the hydraulic brake system, I have installed one and even when adjusted properly, the caliper almost comes off the slide pin. The brake line is also not the easiest to work with, I found absolutely no benefit and went back to the stock setup. You can find all the parts you need at Monster Scooter parts or eBay but there are variances in calipers so make sure you have the right one per your model and VIN#. Also note that if the rotor is missing, the bolts may have broke off in the wheel hub and they are hard to get out if they did and may require a new wheel which are hard to find which is probably why they sold it.