Ding How?


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Ding How.

That rear hub is pretty weird but it has a killer drum brake/rear sprocket set up.

As for the fuel shut off, that was pre-pet cock valve. Funny thing is the proper valve was cheaper than the Vise Grips.

I will try to post some more pics ASAP. You can check out my video on YouTube.

YouTube - Mini Bike Blow By

P.S. Any body seen a Ding How?


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Strigoi, your right about the speed. It actually does about 35mph, but when you almost run over your buddies toes at speed it must seem faster to him.

The noise makes it seem faster. I made an exhaust for it and it works like a loudner not a silencer. Its the same principle as those import cars with the fart pipes, just make it louder if it doesn't really go fast.

And yeah,..... I said cock huh huh huh.
Silencer........<> Amplifier.....

I have never heard of them. There were a few Smaller Japanese companies making a few in the early 70's. It Could be this is just one that made it across the sea.
Loudners are elusive and only found north of the border, on very rare occasions you will find one down here. The only state I have seen one is Kentucky.