Dr. Shop Teacher's Tonic le Moto--Broncco T-XL

Neck Repair:
The metal at the neck was so fatigued, I could bend it with my hand. That necessitated cutting a big chunk out.
A lot of filing and sanding with the angle grinder to bring it to shape.
IMG_0205.jpg IMG_0209.jpg
Then I made a paper pattern of the shape and cut and ground some 1/8" plate to shape. The good news is I now have good contact/welding surfaces on all four tubes and the neck.
A bit of fiddling, and it's mocked up.
IMG_0210.jpg IMG_0211.jpg
Brackets and fittings:
A little under the weather, so making slow progress. I cut and fitted the seat and tank brackets. @manchester1 sent me the measurements, so I could properly locate the seat brackets (which I made larger to be able to adjust the exact location). The tank mounts are on the bottom side of the tube to lower the height of the tank by about 1".
IMG_0214.jpg IMG_0215.jpg
I've added a Gilson touch to the motor plate--I'll be able to adjust the clutch chain tension just like my Gilsons. See how I notched the plate (7/8" step drill) to attach to the tubes. IMG_0216.jpg

Finally, I moved the foot peg location forward from the jackshaft plates. I used 3/16" plate for these.

The fenders came from @Harleys Papa, so I'm designing a new permanent bracket to mount them (the originals used butt-ugly straps).
Fender tabs, and kick stand mount....
Back at at it after a nasty cold and a bunch of doctor's appointments. Almost ready to go to the welder.
First up were front fender tabs. I made a paper template to layout the design. These will replace the straps on the original bike and will serve a dual purpose: hold the fenders and clean up the hacked up fork lowers.

Here's the basic shape:
Drilling for the axle:
IMG_0223.jpg IMG_0225.jpg
Mocked up on the forks:
Next up was moving the kickstand to the middle of the frame. The original was really hacked up and had a couple of pieces tacked in to make it workable. I made this out of 1 1/2" angle. I drilled to 7/8" id to fit it onto the bottom tube mid motor plate. This will need to be in place befor the frame is welded together.
IMG_0226.jpg IMG_0228.jpg
And mocked up:
Sparks were flying....
John, my welder, did his magic today (and for a great price, too). We spent almost 4 hours piecing together all the parts.The frame was reassembled from the rear forward.
The neck was complicated with four pieces to be stitched together.
Lots of figuring was required to get the jackshaft mounts square and the swing arm centered.
John hard at work...
More photos....
Home from the shop. IMG_0235.jpg
Fender mocked up...It'll need to be notched since I lowered the bike one inch.
Rear fender brackets will need to be moved.
Jackshaft plates placed perfectly.
Started to have some problems with the gas for the welder.
The front gusset.
The upper gusset (Click on it to see all the intricacies).
The front forks welded up.
Foot peg mounts.
Fiddling with pieces:
Worked on grinding down the welds before sanding the frame. Also had to straighten out the handlebars.
IMG_0255.jpg IMG_0257.jpg IMG_0256.jpg
Stripped the fenders.
Here's the fun with the racked handlebars.
IMG_0260.jpg IMG_0261.jpg IMG_0262.jpg
And fixed... IMG_0263.jpg
And, started to layout the notches for the front fender...
All the little details before mock up.
Fenders and mock up:
I'm using two front fenders that I got from @Harleys Papa. I was able to line up and notch the fender on the front fairly easily. I'm going to remove the rivets so that I get a good coat of powder on the brackets and fender. I'll reassemble with pan head screws.
I kept the front fender pretty close to the wheel--
IMG_0265.jpg IMG_0266.jpg
I learned from my Ruttman build that the thin sheet metal fenders vibrate a lot. So, I had welded a tab to the swing arm to mount the fender and made a bracket. It screws into a brace that fits inside the fender (I still have to square it up).
IMG_0268.jpg IMG_0267.jpg
This brace really stiffened the rear fender in front. I will have to re-shape the OG fender brackets to clear the sprocket and shave a bit off the fender on the sprocket side to allow for chain slap. So after all that, I mocked it up and rolled it out to the family room to get a look on the ground. It's long, low and mean looking. There was a custom Rupp in the show at Windber last year that has a similar stance. I loved the look and we'll see how this Broncco turns out.
That's the Boxer's nub in the lower right!
Fiddling with pieces:
Worked on grinding down the welds before sanding the frame. Also had to straighten out the handlebars.
View attachment 240284 View attachment 240286 View attachment 240285
Stripped the fenders.
View attachment 240287
Here's the fun with the racked handlebars.
View attachment 240288 View attachment 240289 View attachment 240290
And fixed... View attachment 240291
And, started to layout the notches for the front fender...
View attachment 240292
All the little details before mock up.
Man your killing it!