El burro wheel advice

My new El Burro #3072 is needing new tires and rims. I see others converting to what looks like 3 wheeler tires and rims. Can anyone shed some light on what I need to do this conversion please? The 3 to 5 adapters from 6X6 won't work.
You might have to open up the diameter slightly on the 3 inside holes (metric to inch stuff) but I run this setup on a couple of bikes with no issues.. the rear end pictured is the back of My Terra Cat.. but its very close to the el burro rear end.. I also run this setup on one of my elburro's with no issues.. You will need to get an offset rear steel wheel for the front and back.. and also need to "flip" the wheel and mount it backward on rear axle due to the sprocket being welded to the axle assembly...
Sorry to jump in on your thread but what's the best front & rear wheel/tire,sprocket set up with brand,part #'s etc to do this swap for on an El Burro ?

brown boonie

just did a part # search at OldMiniBikes and came up blank for the wheel adaptor. to bad, I have a trapper and el burro I need to get together. where did you get the parts?
This is my trapper with the tires i posted above i think they look great!
That is the AT101 Chevron, not the Super Lug; notice the rounded profile compared to the squared shoulders of the Super Lug. Your bike looks fantastic!


Those are hard as a rock. I bought a pair in that size for my lawn tractor years ago; stiffest, hardest tires I've ever mounted; didn't use them because they were so hard, even with just a few PSI to keep the beads seated. They beat you up on a lawn tractor, imagine how bad they would be on a bike.
I have them on 5 or 6 bikes, they seem to work fine in the Northern Michigan Sand.. to me but of course there are other choices..