electrathon's - Bike No.1 - (18 and Under Class)

Very cool. I love home made parts. I make parts all the time when I can't find them.

Powder coat looks great!
Since this is a shop class we are pushing that we are not making mini bikes, we are learning the skills to make a mini bike. Once you have the skills you can make anything. I still have a few small parts top coat. Parts always looks so nice when they are powder coated.
Coming together. Was pretty upset last night, I burned the powder on the rear of the frame. It will be ok, but if this was not the prototype/pattern it would have to be redone. Have the sprocket adapter to weld up and can do the final assembly. Tuesday night is the next school work night so t will be good to see which kid heats his bike running first.


The rear sprocket adaptor was finished today. The first one had the sprocket warp badly when it was welded to the offset pipe. I redesigned it a bit and went with a washer that the sprocket bolts to. Put it together and powder coated it. Looks good and the sprocket is pretty true. An issue did come up at the school for Tuesday night though. There is an 8th grade walk through and one of the best students is going to be there to show what he has done. Glad he is able to be an inspiration but we are rescheduling for Thursday instead of Tuesday.