1. Daniel Coop

    Serengeti Badger project... To build, or save, for 2018 OldMiniBikes Build-Off?(Chinese class)

    Haven't seen a post about one of these in a LONG time, so I thought I'd break it out, start a thread on it and get some NEW ideas... I wanted one since I saw a picture of one, and managed to pick this one up from a friend after some pushing and paying ALL the money for it. I've had it a while...
  2. Doodads

    OldMiniBikes WHS Chrome fenders #AZ_1857

    New never used as described pair of OldMiniBikes WHS Chrome fenders #AZ_1857. $11.99 ea plus $7.99 shipping = $31.89. These are packaged and ready to go USPS for $25.00, paypal as a gift please. Please pm with questions/comments per the rules. Thanks for looking :thumbsup::biggrin:
  3. D

    New to OldMiniBikes but not bikes

    Hi folks. I just picked up a ct200 a couple weeks ago and wouldn't mind getting a little mod advice.
  4. Hoopty73

    Finally registered after a months of reading OldMiniBikes....

    Finally registered after reading all the good info on these discussions...and a big thanks to all the mini bike gurus on here..I've been building bikes(or anything with a motor) for years.... wife and I loaded or box truck full of minis and went to windber for the first time this year ,had a...
  5. mrpat

    2017 OldMiniBikes Build Off Winners

    First, I would like to congratulate the winners this year! Great job on some beautiful bikes. I would also like to thank all participants in this year's OldMiniBikes build off. There are so many talented individuals out here and it shows! The voting was open for 1 week ending this past Sunday. All OldMiniBikes...
  6. H

    New to OldMiniBikes. Caught the Bug.

    Hello, Thanks for the add. My name is Richard, friends call me RB, i am 60 years old. Reside in Arkansas. Been looking around this site for a year or so. Got a new Coleman mini bike on Sunday and i am hooked. Never too old i guess! Thanks.
  7. danford1

    Predator 212 Honda/Clone Throtle kit OldMiniBikes

    I have this kit. I'm going to attempt to install this on a Greyhound clone. I was looking at the parts and since there aren't any instructions with it, I'm confused. How does it go on? Does anyone have a picture showing...
  8. A

    New to OldMiniBikes

    Hiya, I am a newbie and live in Gilbert, Arizona. During web searches about minis and Cushman scooters I found this web site and forum. I love seeing all the rides built or restored by the talented members of this forum. I'm a retired senior citizen who has always loved the style of minis...

    Who is your favorite OldMiniBikes builder

    I have been on this site for a while and seen some really nice builds over the years what is your favorite build or builder For me it's Jeep2003 he makes some really cool stuff
  10. K

    OldMiniBikes Clutch Brake Kit.

    Hello everyone, I purchased a clutch brake kit from OldMiniBikes warehouse and it did not contain any directions. I believe I got it figured out but need some advise. Pictured below is the way I believe it goes but was not sure about the 2 nuts. Are they for centering the band like I pictured...
  11. H

    OldMiniBikes Warehouse... Next Location?

    Vote on the Poll. Lets see the popularity... :shrug:
  12. bikebudy

    OldMiniBikes Seasoned members, do you remember when?

    Hello, I'm trying to recall, Do you remember when a Member used a Engine looking pop cooler in his build ? I think it was Dan E Boy but, I just can't recall. :confused:
  13. KMC3420

    OldMiniBikes Warehouse Throttle kit

    I wanted to post up some info, as I could not find much info on the kit I installed for my throttle linkage from OldMiniBikes warehouse: I previously had the below kit, cheap: I was on my 2nd kit for this bike, this setup is...
  14. jdogg

    New OldMiniBikes t-shirts available!

    Love the new design!! Saw them a while back in a thread but never heard if they would be for sale! Ordered me one last night! Click on "size" to pick up to x-large.
  15. electrathon

    electrathon's - Centennial #1 - (18 and Under Class)

    This bike belongs to the tall kid with the curly haired kid. Many of the kids at work.
  16. electrathon

    electrathon's - Bike No.1 - (18 and Under Class)

    I know I am late into this. I have a group of shop kids at Centenial high in Portland Oregon. We we making frame up mini bike builds. I am leading the group with a design and prototype. We started at the beginning of the year, previous to that there were meetings and some layout work. We went...
  17. S

    StevieRay's - 69 Bonanza Chopper - (Just For Fun)

    1969 Bonanza Chopper - Just For Fun Class This was my Christmas present in 1969. I started customizing around 1973 but never finished. It was stored in my Mom's attic for 40+ years until she passed away. Thanks everyone for the inspiration! Stevie Ray
  18. G

    Ghost Rider's - Trail Horse - (18 and Under Class)

    We are the Ghost Riders. We are building a Trail Horse. We don't know what year it is. We are from West Branch middle school. We are in 8th grade. We are in Mr. Davis's CBI class.
  19. O

    Outcasts' - Bonanza - (18 and Under Class)

    Hello, we are team Outcasts. We are from West Branch middle school. The class we are in is CBI or Career Based Intervention. Out teacher is Mr. Davis. We need some help finding out about our mini bike. It is a Bonanza. Right now we would like help finding out what year it is. That is...
  20. T

    Trailblazers' - Trail Horse - (18 and Under Class)

    Hi, we are the Trailblazers. We are building a Trail Horse mini bike for the Build Off. We are Mr. Davis's 8th Grade Group 1 class. If anyone could help us we need help to find out what year our mini bike is. Thank you.