Fiberglass bodies...what ya got?

A thread from the past!!

A few years ago I found this old fiberglass bed for a T-Bucket at the Hershey swap meet....

Made by Bird Engineering in Omaha/ Freemont Nebraska who made some of the first T-Bucket kits back in the early 60's....and mini bikes!
had this one last year and sold it, A guy from PA called me the other day that told me he's got one that they bought new and its mint and he was looking to sell, so there should be a really nice one on the market soon and will sell for a hefty sum :thumbsup:

Very cool, for those that dont know thats a 1979 international scout ss2. I have a couple of scouts, i want !!!
Bonanza Minibuggy. I know the rims and wheels look awful, but isnt that a cool body style?

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Cool...don't see too many of those. Those scoops on the back fenders are really slick are they factory?
Yes, the scoops are factory, the lights on the front are not, and of course those ugly rims and tires are wrong. I would love to talk to someone who may have one of these as well.
My buddy owned that shop. He said he couldn't give that dune buggy away haha. Of course this was in the city so most people wouldn't have a place to ride it. I think he said he finally traded it to a plumber or electrician in exchange for some work he had done. Would have been around 1970 I guess.
I thought I should add a few pictures of my Cobra super striker. Only 150 were made and this is 1 of 4 known to exist, there must be others but as of yet only these 4 are known. I have taken pictures of it with its front wheels ,and it with the optional ski package. I think I remember a thread somewhere on this site about minibikes and others with skis, I will try and find it and post it there as well. I also will add these pictures to a thread I started a while back about the Cobras. Hope you like it.
I found this in an old shed .. its a 1967 GT glove ..based off a rupp chapparail chassis ..Ive never even washed it ..brought it home stuffed it in corner of my shed ..Lol ..

Lol when I unloaded it I tipped it sideways to get it out of back hatch of my GF,s brand new dodge shadow ..the seat bottom fell out and a time sheet read out ticker paper from Watkins glenn 1969 was under it with recorded laps averaged 113 and top speed was 121 ..I had it in my tool box and dang mice ate it ..what they didn't shred they peed on ..
That is as ugly as it is cool :thumbsup: I cant even imagine going 121 in something like that :doah: I think they should have called it the Platypus :laugh: