First minibikes ride after winter

Li'l Popeye

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Last week it was time for the first minibike ride after the winter. With both my "General Lee" and "Li'l Popeye" minibikes.
Front tire of General lee was flat, so that needed some air, all other tires were ok.
I checked and cleaned carburators, there was not much dirt in, but the stationairy nozzle seemed to be a bit clogged? Cleaned them, checked spark plugs, which both seemed to be ok, so put them back in, without cleaning.
Still old gas in tank from last year, with the current prices, a waist to throw away, so leaved it in. General lee minibike started after the second pull... Li'l Popeye needed a couple more pulls, but eventually also started.
I haven't checked any valve lash, yet. Maybe next time.
Enjoy the video and GX160 sound...



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You do us (USA Southerners) proud with your General Lee minibike. Yeeeeeehaw! One sometimes wonders how well and how far our television shows get in the outer world.

By all means remove the gasoline over the winter, but siphon it out if you can and put it into a container for later use, especially if it has any ethanol in it. That is easier said than done however; easy to put in but hard to take out. I usually leave it in out of laziness but also run only 100% pure gasoline.

Super video.