1. My 212 swapped Rt100

    My 212 swapped Rt100

  2. Li'l Popeye

    First minibikes ride after winter

    Last week it was time for the first minibike ride after the winter. With both my "General Lee" and "Li'l Popeye" minibikes. Front tire of General lee was flat, so that needed some air, all other tires were ok. I checked and cleaned carburators, there was not much dirt in, but the stationairy...
  3. Fat Albert

    Need Help With Rupp Serial #94610

    Hello, I need help identifying this mini bike. I found it in the woods behind a house I just bought and I am having trouble figuring out what year and model it is. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. L.skynrd


    Hello everyone. I recently bought this bike from facebook marketplace. I have been unable to find out much about it. I want to know what its original paintjob looked like since I want to do a full restoration. I can tell it is quite old. One thing that stands out on this bike is the piece of...
  5. Jblack0884

    TrailMaster MB200-2

    Got a new bike it's been rode maybe a total maybe 8 or 9 hours now after riding it for maybe a few hours it will die while riding just out of nowhere it will turn off I'll hit the choke acts like it wants to go turn the choke down off hit the throttle it dies out again this issue is frustrating...
  6. gwoods27

    WTB - Trail Horse Rear Wheel sprocket and band brake drum mounts

    Looking for a Trail Horse 6” Rear Wheel (5 spoke) with both the sprocket and drum for band bake or even just the sprocket and band brake drum mounts
  7. MiniBixe


    Hello, Anybody ever made a mini snowmobile or minibike track conversion? I would like to design one this year, making a track out of a used tire... Any responses welcome!
  8. FunWithStuff

    How/What do you use to Polish Parts to be chromed?

    Hello! So I was wondering what methods everyone on this site uses for polishing and prepping parts. I know you you basically need to get the part to where it's nothing but bare shiny metal, but on some parts especially pitted ones it can be a tough job to do. I would like to know what tools...

    Can anyone help me id this mini please ?

    Need help figuring out what kind of mini this is.
  10. M

    Anyone know who manufactured this mini bike?

    Hi, can anyone identify this mini bike with slanted engine spoke wheels and full suspension?
  11. Motobro1995

    Help with torque coverter

    I recently installed a torque converter on my mini bike and I am having problems. Everything forts good and works, yet I have to rev it up almost to the max rpm even for the driver pulley to expand a little and make some contact with the belt making me go very slow. I have the right belt and...
  12. 20210514_171335.jpg


    Homemade vinyl decal at my kitchen cabinet.
  13. 20210514_170457.jpg


    Homemade vinyl decal. Vinyl cut with Aliexpress cutter.
  14. C

    What kind of Bike is this? Gonna buy it tonight any help????

    Hi as title says please!
  15. Li'l Popeye

    "Norway" minibike

    Hey, Another minibike project from me for a Norway customer; a Norway themed mini bike. I came in contact with him through social media; he had seen some of my video's and asked if I could build something like it for him. That's when I told him that I was willing to sell him my "Herbie" mini...
  16. FunWithStuff

    Tecumseh Minibike Muffler 33128-A

    Hello! I am looking for a used or new old stock Tecumseh Taylor mini bike muffler with a type 100 spark arrestor screen and the part number 33128A. Anyone that has some and is willing to sell one I would be glad to purchase one. Thanks!
  17. 20201120_152552.jpg


    New General Lee minibike being build. Nearly finished.
  18. FunWithStuff

    How to Chrome?

    Hello. I have some fenders and handlebars on my mini bike that I am wanting to re-chrome. Does anyone have any advice on how to do this? I'm new to chroming things so I would like some advice going forward. From scant research that I have done it turns out chroming may be a little pricey and if...
  19. smalls415

    New guy with some questions

    Hey all, Newbie here!!! so just my second post, in need of some answers again. Something seems to be locking up on my Colemanbt200x when I let go of the throttle. It brakes itself to almost a stop, not in a jolting kinda way, more like a slow self brake, like a car going down a hill in a low...
  20. C

    1968 Rupp Mini bike won't idle or rev

    Im trying to get this mini bike going for me and my son to ride around As you can see in the video it will start but no amount of throttle input makes it rev up. It also won't idle on its own. In the video I am running the original carb, but tried a new ebay Chinese carb. That seems to run...