First Real Build

I bought an old Bird frame last spring, and I've been slow about getting it up and running. I can't weld for anything, so I'm at the mercy of those that can. Here is a pic of the frame when I brought it home and assembled it. It also came with a couple 6 inch wheels and tires. They don't appear to be original wheels to the bird, but I'm gonna try and make them work.
I put together a front end from some scrap steel and 1in DOM tubing. My brother-in-law is helping me with the welding when he has time. Here is a pic of the new front end. I cut the triple trees out of some scrap plate with an angle grinder. I used a hole saw to cut the holes, and I cleaned it all up with a belt sander. I'm pretty happy with it for now.

I originally was planning on sticking a Briggs Raptor that I had sitting on the work bench and collecting dust, but I'm leaning toward using this 97cc stock motor from my DB30. I'm dying to make this motor work. I also ordered a bunch of stuff from the OMB, including the jackshaft setup in the pic below. It will also use a 72 tooth rear sprocket/drum setup. I'm going to put the rear sprocket on the right side, I think.
I'm undecided on the bars at this point. I have a set of homemade z-bars that I may use for this. I have a Harley with some 10in. z-bars that I absolutely love, and I think I'd like them here as well, but they will need to be narrowed. I may also build some Zephyr bars. My other option would be a set of knee-saver bars from a BMX bike. I can get a set for cheap off of a buddy.

I'm planning on painting the frame with some brown or red primer. I have a buddy that will blast it for me. I want to leave the front end raw, but I'll polish it up a bit. Nothing too shiny, but just enough to clean it up.

I'll be making the seat. I made my seat on my Harley, and I'd like to build another one similar to it. The seat will have some suspension from an old shock off of a mountain bike. Pegs will most likely be BMX pegs, but I have a few other options as well. I would love to stick some floorboards on there, but my goal is to use as many free parts as possible. I spent more on the kickstand, jackshaft, and other miscellaneous parts than I wanted. I was hoping to get this thing together for less than a hundred bucks. That's not gonna happen.
That's a pretty nice set up.
Use the Raptor.:thumbsup:
It was a little taller than I thought it would be. It will only fit if I can get the spark plug positioned just right. It sticks up between the frame rails a bit. I'm still looking for an old-style DB frame to use with the Raptor. I am waiting to find a roller for around $50. Every one that I see seems to be a hundred miles away. At that point, it's cheaper to just spend a little more on something closer.
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Oh, man, I can't wait to show you the finished product. This thing is killer! It's a little heavier than the stock front end, but that'll be okay with the gearing I'm using. Hopefully I figured the rake and trail correctly. I'll post up pics as soon as I get it on. My brother-in-law works second shift, so he left it on the porch for me last night. I'm glad he did the welding and not me. My welds look like a blind man did them with his feet.