Fkrs stole 3

I came into work this morning to find my 5x9 trailer open and my 3 beautiful mini bikes are gone !!! I feel like someone kicked me in the balls !! I’m missing a little rascal…a full size rascal and a mega Moto 80 I’ve posted text and photos and I’ll attach photos again
They were stolen on 5-31-23 from my shop in Baltimore Maryland
Taken from Sisson street auto
2001 w 41 st street
Balto md 21211
There’s a cash reward for any info that helps nail these dirt bags and get my bikes back. I know your all sick about hearing this news too
Any help is greatly appreciated



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Dang... keep your eye out on your local classifieds on craigslist, offerup and face marketplace..

Any video at your place or even a neighbors security camera.

Speedy recovery.
Cant stop thinking about this
because it happened to us before.

Make you some reward posters with pictures of your bikes.

Put your phone # very bold.

Do it on 8.5 x 11 regular paper, color if you can...and then PLASTER, and I do mean PLASTER them on every utility pole at every intersection within 10 miles or so. Check them occasionally and replace them when they get tattered.

Someone will have seen them. Flush them out.

Put something on Facebook about it too, and keep bumping it, to keep it in front of folks. Your personal site as well as any community, neighborhood, personal interest groups. Keep bumping your posts.

Put a similar post on Craigslist too, under the mini bike heading.

Make them known stolen...and someone's wife / mom / roommate / girlfriend etc...won't want hot merchandise around their place. And perhaps then they may surface.

I wish you the best of luck in locating them.
Got police report…got insurance involved too
Thanks for all the sympathy guys
I go from being really sick to my stomach..oh well let’s get going on the next one…these 3 really sting as they all had the best of everything and were a great representative of how I progressed creatively from one build to the next…the gray bike wasn’t even done !
This won't be hard to track down at all unless they break them down but keep your eye out on Facebook marketplace, letgo app, make sure if you find them you message them and offer them lower then there asking not to low. Just so they don't think it's you and act like there not yours. Then when you get there be like wow these are nice. And beat the crap out them no I'd call the cops and have them waiting around the corner. And when you meet them be like I want my shit or that cops going to arrest you for felony breaking and entering and theft then get your shit and let the cops arrest them for what ever charges you can. This is what I did at least. I àlso bought a stolen mini. Bike and didn't know and the kid came and told me the story about how it got stolen. Even a video of it being pushed out his yard at 3am so I toke a hit on that one cuss I put work in to it. But hopefully he kept it inside after that. Also drive around and look for them riding them. That's how I found my pit bike that was stolen every time I Hurd a group of ppl riding I ran and jumped on one of my other bikes to chace them down. Good luck in the hunt
I’ll never see these bikes again except in photos….I am in Baltimore Md….Murder capital of the world !! These minis are either deep in the hood of west Balto or on the way to Philly. I have friends who’ve posted on FB about the bikes. I am super busy at work but there’s more to the story….they didn’t get this 71 norton commando
More later and thanks for all the support and suggestions


Dynamite, that's the key. When you find them, pack their keester full of TNT. When they start yelling they didn't do it, LIGHT 'EM UP. When the police show up tell em it was an accident. We call this procedure, "Future Deterrent."
Man that sucks. I'm in NJ and will keep an eye out for them. Another reason I wouldn't set foot in Baltimore! I had to go there several times over the years for my daughters AAU basketball tourneys. That was around 10 years ago and it didn't feel safe then and heard it got worse. Only way it's going to change is for DA's to lock up criminals, not let them right back out on the street!


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So you do have surveillance cameras then? That's good.

Keep beefing up that security and make the place look uninviting to thieves and good luck to you.

I would keep checking Craigslist and Failbook Marketplace in all border states and outlying areas. A clever thief might try that.


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I’m on iPhone And can’t help can you do reverse image searches with the google search bar from a pc?? open your files and go to photos. right click an image of your stolen mini bikes and drag the photo to the google search bar and drop it in the search bar. It will reverse image search it and if it matches to anything like marketplace or offer up you should find the link.