awesome job Addison for pulling off first place in the main race and first in the heat race Saturday at cedar lake arena on one of my rupp's. kid can drive with only a 196cc grey hound between legs. most of use where only staying for Saturday i do believe 2 or 3 guys where sticking around for Sunday racing. good luck guys and we will see you all at Atwater or maybe torque fest.
Addison 1place main, awesome job pulling it off at the end. it was a test and tuning night for me with this new motor and it didn't help when Addison ran into to Darrin and knock off the air cleaner. that was about 50 seconds into the video(off camera) and NO i'm not telling anybody what this motor is....LOL Lets just call it the tilly eater. the other two bikes he was racing with where a 236cc 28mm carb and a 225cc 24mm carb(my other bike)
Addison 1 place main.jpg

Awesome job Addison on getting second place in the main and first in your heat. your were creeping up on Jason on the last lap until that lap bike got in the way. man it would of been interesting if they kept the racing at 8 laps for the main. but with curfew they cut the racing down to 6 laps. great job Jason holding off for first. long overdue buddy and jack getting third. it was fun night watching for sure.
Main race

adds second place 6-16-21.jpg
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been kind of busy this summer and haven't had much time to post stuff so here is little up date on my flat track racing. earlier this summer we where kick out of AMA because are driver was under 16 and the only reason why was couple guys didn't like the fact a 14yr old kid was winning and guess who? the guy that was in first for points and only buy a little. even though it was a gentlemen's agreement that he could race with us. Well AMA allowed use to vote him back in again buy taking a drivers vote.
kid been winning his last 3 races on my rupp bike.
1st addison tt race 9-11-21.PNG addison first place 9-18-21.jpg addison first place 9-19-21.jpg
addison win 10-10-21.jpg
awesome job Addison last weekend. two days of weekend racing. Saturday we were fighting demons with the bike chassis and by Sunday main we were ready to go. also was a testing day for are new motor for next year. which we did not even have it crank up for the race. we just let it idle around the track....lol. couple big thanks for randy and the guys over at dyno cams for welding up and grinding profile i ask for and Max Gregorich rockers. both work out good for this engine build of mine. even though we didn't run a full season of racing we still came out with the most wins, 8 races in are first year of AMA racing.