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pickup a flexo minibike last weekend and been trying to do some research on it and it looks to be a super scrambler? i know one thing for sure the top frame rail is straight...:thumbsup:
couple things on it i am still trying to figure out...:eek:ut: how was the seat mounted. was it clamp on or did they use the 4 small holes in the frame i have and screw up into the seat(wood). colors are another question? also it looks like they could of came with or without paint when new....:shrug: also looks like bolt on footpegs must of been a option to have or not have? and did they have a kick stand and if so what type.

looks like it still has the original tires and rims and brake unit,but someone fab it on the other side. should be a easy fix to put it back on the other side. still has the original brackets on the bike....:thumbsup:

it kind of looks like it was gold color maybe. i see red primer then gold and then white and then black. maybe after taking the handle bars off and then the bushings out of the neck, i might see a original color......:shrug:

also here is the engine that came with it. little to new for it,but will work good for another bike build. 1975 3 1/2 hp motor. i think i might put my 2 stroke AH-58 motor on it....:scooter: that would be a cooler looking motor on it..:thumbsup:
also can anybody tell what year the frame is....:shrug: 1967 or so????

Nice find buddy....

Footpeg bar was added....bolt on footpegs were an option. The seat was held on as you guessed with 4 (#12) RH wood scews. I believe all factory painted Flexo's were "Iridescent Blue" .

Looks like it has all the good stuff ...original 5" Go-Powers, General tires, brake......:thumbsup:

Looks like the actuator arm on the brake might have been replaced.....never saw a kickstand on one.

I believe the flat motor plate was used on later bikes....JTG will probably ring in.....
Couldn't have found a better home, not even at my house. Delray, you got some mad skills and will without question make it as it should be or better.:thumbsup:


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Del, You're right you have a Super Scrambler produced from approximately 1969 to 1980. You're also correct about the correct location of the brake. Gerry is correct on the seat mount, paint and foot pegs. Gerry also has an excellent picture and specs of a period correct seat he might share. I've never seen fork bushings on a Flexo so don't be surprised if you can't find them. The Super Scrambler was specifically designed for the Briggs 5hp. However it was not unusual to find a Super Scrambler with a Briggs 3hp, Power Products, West Bend and McCulloch.

I made a bolt on kick stand that connects to the engine mounting bolts without affecting the restoration on the bike. I'll post a picture if your interested.

I spotted this ad I had never seen before the other day for a Briggs powered Flexo.....I swear that top tube looks jacked up to clear that motor right from the factory......



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Man.....Being built in Los Angeles, you would think there would be more of those floating around my Neck of the woods! So, it looks like they were sold without clutch covers.
jtg to you have any super scrambler brochures(info) the only thing i could find was the old model bikes and they could of came unpainted and i found one brochure that shows a straight level brake arm. i was also kind of wondering about bolting a small kick stand to one of the extra slots. i have couple NOS short kick stands for fox bikes that look like they would fit correct. also did the seat design change on the super scramble bikes?

unpainted,top right

straight level brake,center picture

gerry, i was asking about the seat,but i see you posted it already.....:thumbsup: i also notes on my bike the frame looks just little jack up too from factory. not as bad as the brochure you posted. my bike you have to look at it real close.
man i really didn't want to make it into a big block briggs bike:doah: they look so out of place for the frame size. it would be like putting a clone motor in it. just doesn't look right. well maybe not as bad as a clone engine....:laugh:
i see what your saying neck. i had to take a double look. no cover? maybe it has a small tin cover on it and we can't see it from the angle the picture was taken? i do have couple correct briggs and clutchs for that model bike..:rolleyes:

cover looks like the older bikes had?
also that ad gerry posted is telling me it could of been a big bear scramble and not just a super scramble ?????:eek:ut: now i am little confused on the model........:doah:


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Del, I do have a advertisement taken out of a Mini Bike Guide showing the Super Scrambler. I will post it tomorrow morning.

As for the question regarding the Big Bear Scrambler and the top rail with a Briggs, I've enclosed some pictures.


ok thanks jtg...:thumbsup: i really like that picture of the kid pull starting the engine.......thats what its all about...........:scooter: really looks like he is really into it.

i here you mark.....:thumbsup:


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Del, I was working on Flexo seats last week so I've included a picture. The first seat was used on the early Big Bear Scrambler (approx. 1962-1965). The second was used on the Big bear Scrambler (approx. 1965-1968). The third was used on the Big Bear Scrambler and the Super Scrambler (approx. 1969-1980).