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Also note on the Super Scrambler frame, the tube coming up to the fork tube is 1 inch diameter. The rest of the frame is 7/8 inch diameter. It appears Flexo was trying to add some extra support. The Big Bear Scrambler was 7/8 inch diameter on the whole frame.
well my frame must be a early super scramble,because the tubing is all 7/8 and from the looks of the pictures posted with the guy riding,that too looks all the same......:shrug:
i also notes when the big block is mounted in my bike frame just like the pictures. the sparkplug is off-set from the top frame rail,so the tip of the sparkplug and wire boot clears the frame. making it for easy to get to.
now does anybody have the power to convert black and white pictures into color. so i can tell what color the engine is...........:laugh:
^^ :drool:

I would check with Steve Durham on the color....he bought all his motors from Flexo as they were a B&S dealer...I would bet they were all copper colored, I know the 3HPs that he puchased there were.
took couple photo's with the big block and the small block.

here is what kind of clearance you have with the big block. i set the motor in like the brochure has it. hanging over the right frame rail.

here it is with a small block. this is the real give away that the frame is not a small block setup. see the gap between the frame and head.

brochure with the small block 3hp

OP'S how did that picture get in there:doah:.........:laugh:


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The additional engine mounting plate slots give you the opportunity to run an inboard or outboard clutch. The outboard clutch option aligns the engine where you have it pictured. The inboard option puts the spark plug on the other side of the top frame rail and centers the engine on the bike for better balance. I personally think the outboard design is safer.
jtg, i mounted the engine on the right side of the bike. base on the photo of the guy test driving it in the dirt. it looks like it is hanging over to the right? but when i look again at the other photos without him on it. the engine is over to the left...........:shrug: is this two different bikes they using or did they move the engine over on the same bike or what? maybe i am seeing things,but that engine looks like it is off to the right with him on it? no real big deal:shrug: just looks like it. maybe i will do another photo with it over to the left and see how it fits. looks like base on the the photos the sparkplug would just sit on the other side of the frame rail.
also do you have a year when that magazine print that info on the super scramble bike?
little up date on my bike . i found a nice correct vintage 5hp for my flexo bike. one thing i notes right away was the clearance i had with the short cj8 sparkplug....:thumbsup: also the engine has the front fill oil only on the pto side cover....:thumbsup: and a date code of 1968......:biggrin:
now i just got to get the correct paint code color for the bike......:doah:
jerry if you are bring you flexo to windber my cousin will have some vintage automotive color books that might match your color......:shrug:

I do not have the clamps but I do have a very good set of Anderson footpegs I would sell, they are the ones that were used on Flexos I have been told. PM me if they interest you at all.