Found a 1970 ish Ruttman Wild Goose today ...

I have found almost a carbon copy of my very first Motor bike.. its a Ruttman Wild Goose in Plumb Crazy purple.. This will be only the second little bike I've ever owned in my 47 years of riding.. this bike appears to be original except for a later 3.5 Tecumseh engine and different Kill button and custom exhaust.. Still has the Ruttman serial tag on the Motor plate and original paint, grips tires and wheels. 20170212_130408.jpg The plan is to clean it up and save it for any future Grand Children that come along.. So who knows how to decipher the serial number?
20170212_130355.jpg .. 20170212_130408.jpg
very nice....that is the first mini bike seen as a brother bought it new from 10 mile and gratiot. That is the reason Im so dumb for mini bikes!