Found trike

Go look at it,figure how much parts are going to cost to get it to where you want it, then deduct that from your budget for this project. That's where you get a price.

brown boonie

Looks like an allsport. Check if motor is set up or turns over. Are the tires flat/dry rotted, cant give values per rules, pay what you think it is worth. Is it worth 100.00 worth of fun or 600??? Worth more if it runs and drives. I have one that is a blast to drive. Gumpit loves his trikes also.
Nice find 68 SportCoupe...

It looks like some sort of an Alsport but I don't know the larger model numbers too well.

Someone else will be along soon, to narrow it down further.

See if it's got all the pieces of the drive train, torque converter drive and driven, sprockets, etc, functioning or serviceable looks like it has some sort of motor...the originals were larger tecumsehs.

The more of that stuff that it has, the more value it will have. But we aren't allowed to suggest values.

Shucks...feel him out, and work something out that makes you both happy.

Good luck.

Edit...sorry...didn't mean to be repeating what you said Jay ...:laugh:...your post wasn't there when i started typing..:laugh:

Trikes are a blast...:thumbsup:
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Definitely a Alsport TS. Could have anything from a 5hp up to a 23hp 2 stroke twin originally. Check to see if the diff is still smooth.

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Thanks guys I'll try and get by there this weekend
One of my sons freinds lives a couple houses down the road
That's how I first saw it last year I'll have to find out if they've seen ridden around lately
I'll post pics when I ge t it
Considering where it is parked for an extended amount of time might show how much the owner values the trike. Its the little things like the long brake cables and throttle cables that help drive up the restoration cost. But the fun that can be extracted from having a trike to ride does have it's way of budget expansion