Fox campus help


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Looking for a measurement for a long forgotten project thats been packed away in a 1967 Fox campus. Someone here in FL contacted me about getting some parts and help on a Campus project that they are starting and made the trek down here to pick up the stuff as well as some info/patterns of parts. So I dug out my bike and parts for him to use/see and its got me thinking about getting some more work done on this bike. somewhere between 1967 and 2014 someone cut the battery tray out of my bikes frame (problaby to access the spark plug easier and I had to replicate it. It was a sloppy removal so I was able to match and make the plate itself off the remains that were still on the bike but I dont know the were the holes should be for the hold down strap.

Looking for the size and spacing on the 2 holes that will be found on an original under cowl pan for the battery strap (where the red X's are in this photo):

If you have a shot or measurements of the original battery strap as well that would be really helpful too :)

here's where I left off and packed it up sometime back, I have since collected more NOS parts as well as some other neat items for it to get it done.



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Thank you Derek! I can work with that.......forgot I have to slot the seat mount and drill the holes in the front lip to, my memory is going o_O

Thank you again!!!!