Fox gokart

tanks not problem they still make them and there less than 50.00 on evil bay ..almost positive its a 1963 fox feather lite supposed to have sattalite lift out seat they repop them the foam and cover .. the trouble is by time you get all 3 its 800.00 ..has correct wheels there worth 300.00 even with the chipped rear ..the rears are stupid hard to find ..has correct pedals ., steering wheel ..the brakes are weird they same as fox 2200 but I never seen a 2200 with lamans wheels and two piece floor pan ..

I can hook you up with a gent that probably built that kart or atleast parts of it he worked at factory for yrs he has lots parts to ..
Thanks mrtwister i live in Dubuque Ia so im close to where the built them (janesville WI) just found that out. Pretty sure i stole it i gave 50.00 for it. Yes i would love the hook up
thanks Ken I didn't noticed that ..ok that made it easier its a fox GK 2200 has correct H and H spot brakes some have tin in seat side rails some do not of mine came with tin in seat side rails lemans wheels .my other one came with no tin and hands wheels .looks like yours came with better fox lemans wheels .. it was right when go kart Co. merged with fox they made lots goofy combo,s

that's a nice one I thought I was only one that steals karts .. lol hehehaha
jk auto fab .. the brake system is H&H spot brake .. kinda rare (worth more than the whole manco ) lol just kiddin .. I like any kinda kart ..might be why I have over 70 vintage racing karts
no really, i know i havent seen these much, is this H&H spot brake worth money? probably is worth more considering what i paid for the manco frame...
doubt you will be able to retire from the proceeds but if someone needed it for a resto ..ive seen them go for as high as 100-125 .. just like anything else ive bought plenty of them for 40.00 no what I mean ..
I have a flyweight with a mac9--sure wish i had the rear wheels--mine have numerous chunks out of them. Mod on vintage karts had a guy who repairs them and they look good after but most fox guys will tell you to change to other wheels if going to race in vintage and save the good ones. Great find and super price.