Fox Sprite Project

Here are some pics of the parts after paint. I wish I would have thought about before pics.

Below are pics of the split rims and rear sprocket after paint. Also the frame and fenders after primer, paint, and clear coat.
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Can someone guide me in the right direction with this? I have a couple of questions.

Q1: Did these bikes come with the throttle in the grip or did they have a brake like throttle? Pic below of the throttle that was on it.

Q2: Does anyone know what the largest rims and tires that will fit? The ones that were on it are 4.10x3.50-4.

I was looking in the OldMiniBikes warehouse and do not know which throttle would be right for this bike. I am going to order helmets from them and I might as well order a throttle and a kickstand from them also if I can find the right ones.

Any other ideas on stuff I might need from them. I appreciate any feedback.

Thank you


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See if this helps ya.

Twist throttle should be 7/8" diameter. Measure it to be sure.
Here's one I did for my wife.

Not sure on larger tires. You mean new rims and all or just a beefier tire?
Thanks for the info Buckeye.

I was just throwing around the idea of larger rims and tires because we live down a dirt(mostly rocks) road and I was thinking bigger rims and tires might help out with the rough terrain, especially if my kids are going to be learning to ride this. What would your thoughts be? In the ad it says 12.5 tires, what does that mean? 12 1/2 inches or is that something else?
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Just a note, yes larger wheels will ride better. That bike originally came with 6" wheels. your problem is that the hubs are extremely difficult to find. You probably will have to adapt some other brand of wheel to get the 6" size. I am really not sure what will fit but I am sure there are others who have adapted rims to the frame.

ok Doc, thanks again. I will just use the 4's until something else comes up. What kind of tires do you recommend for the rims I have and where can I pick some up? does OldMiniBikes warehouse have some?
I bought my #35 chain at Miller Bearing (Industrial Bearing and Mechanical Supplier) similar to Motion Industries or Grainger. I got 10 feet and 2 master links for $17. Enough to do two minis.
As far as chain, you get what you pay for... I tried cheap chain once and had to replace it within a month because it has stretched so much. I now run RLV. The 106 link chains are usually plenty for most minis.
Thank you very much everyone.

I ordered a chain and picked up the tool today. I want to try to locate one locally while I wait for this one to come in(keep a back up one, maybe two, at all times).

Here are some pics of the kids testing out the waters.