Fox Thunderbolt restomod[Capt. Murica]

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And so it continues...The minibike addiction.I went to look at this Fox minibike mainly for the back wheel to complete my Scat-Cat mini..The Fox wheel is in bad shape with most of the spokes broke and the races all boogered up so I offered the seller my "it's just parts for me" price[Mainly the gas tank value.] The frame tube and wheels are all pock marked from probably sitting out side for a decade or 2? I think I can bring it back to race ready glory again.It has a 212 Predator that fires on a gas squirt so I ordered Mikuni carb for it.Does anybody know the correct Torque converter size[Diameter] for the Fox or belt size number? I think I will salvage the back wheel/rim and make into a mag wheel with a juice disk brake.]
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Started on the back wheel spoke to mag process,Cut what was left of the spokes and trimmed up the drum and bearing pocket face on the lathe.Would still like to do a juice disk on the wheel but we shall see if there is enough room between the swing arm for that? 100_6896.JPG 100_6899.JPG 100_6902.JPG 100_6900.JPG 100_6905.JPG 100_6907.JPG
I made up the 5 star mag cut program for my plasma table.

The rim measured 9.75 inches inside and I calculated a .500 dish to reach the spoke center so I added approx .250 diameter to the cut for the dish.I burned it out of .125 hot rolled steel plate.

I bent the spokes in my vice to make the dish and give the wheel more strength than just a flat.

Now to cut the opposite side since my calculations were correct



I'm pretty much a vintage/original person and would of saved that wheel but that is pretty cool.
Yea, I would of liked to restore it but the integrity of the hoop is compromised for a proper chrome restoration and I could not find the Replacement spokes...Probably make spokes from scratch? This is just a "Loner-Roller" wheel until I procure a different one..Perhaps@ Oley next spring I will find one?
Making progress...Burned a bunch of parts on my table..A new 8 inch rotor that fits the bolt pattern of the wheel and some snail adjusters out of stainless. 100_6933.JPG
Also fabbed up an intake manifold for the Chikuni carb..Bought one for a Honda Horizontal for the intake..Did not like the normal angled monstrosity that hangs out the side in harms way so I looped it up over the motor..
I made some stand-offs from some 3/8x16 coupling nuts to sandwich in the mix to secure the juice rotor..
Also made the flange for the exhaust utilizing an old Sportster muffler and a modified Sportster seat.
100_6931.JPG 100_6920.JPG
I got the stand offs sized correctly for the rotor and need to countersink the holes for the flathead bolts...gonna be tight between the swing arm????
100_6943.JPG 100_6942.JPG
Another shot of the tucked in Chi-Kuni carb/intake..
Got new hardware in the swingarm pivot,I Can't believe there is no bearings here??? Just a 3/8x8 inch through bolt with 2 spacers.
Also got the torque converter on with new jack shaft bearings and key ways.
I filled the old spoke holes on the rear wheel with Ultra gray goop to keep debris out.
Got the new rubber mounted and the wheel painted with Rust-oleum hammered metal silver paint...It matches/hides the pockmarked hoop nicely...Too bad you won't see much of the wheel behind the sprocket and rotor...Or may be that's a good thing to all the purist?
Well...I got tired of waiting for the icy roads to thaw so I whipped up a side-hack for it.I live in a private 90 acre lake community with about 8 miles of semi-paved roads and I had one of these side hacks on my DT125 back in the day and used to pull my friends 60+ MPH out on the ice.This lil thing rips!!! The front end gets light when it's pulling hard! The side car bolts on/to the bike with Zero alterations to the old girl.The $6.00 wheel on the car came from Harbor-F.
I also made a heat shield for the muffler out of some scrap stainless 16 gauge.The disc Brake works as it should also! ...Yay!!