Frame Painting Fixture

Painting these frames requires turning them, and it's always a dicey deal. I either miss spots because the light changes, or gum up the works with fingers on fresh paint. @chatten63 modified an engine stand for frame painting that alleviated this problem. I don't have that type of stand, but I was able to modify my cherry picker.

Nut is welded on to assist with turning/holding. Frame can be pinned in four positions. Held on to my cherry picker with one bolt, removes in seconds.



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Our engine stand has served as a work stand with angle steel brackets. Short pieces of 1 1/2” fire hose pads the top brackets and protects the bike frame tubing. A c-clamp holds the bike in place for rolling about.
And works as a frame holding fixture as well. Ours requires the use of bushings on the top two attachment points because the swivel on the engine stand is not level to the ground.
I’m digging our cherry picker out tomorrow. It and our engine stand might serve as a welding rotisserie with the suitable brackets.
Thanks Dave for taking the time to post this.
It's funny that I just sold a engine stand at a estate sale that I organized for my neighbors brother. He had a ton of "stuff". Think I sold the engine stand for 25.00. lol
LOL, yep, that's the going rate for the used ones. I thought about going and picking one up in my area, but the reality was three hours, and a 100 mile round trip. So I used what I had. (Cherry Picker) Added advantage is that I can raise and lower it, which changes the "angle of the dangle" because when flipping the frame upside down, it wants to flop side ways with the now extreme angle at the neck.

So if I was using the stand Eric links below, I'd build it with a means to adjust the mounting angle. Perhaps two 1/8" plates side by side where one bolt was a pivot and the other a "pin" to lock it at one of two angles, and a way to change that without touching the wet paint.

You can buy the engine stands new at Harbor Freight for $44.00 .
I have a modified engine stand that I use for several purposes. I have built whole bikes on the stand also. I have a flat plate that I have drilled different pattern holes to mount frames, engines etc. Works great! Cant seem to upload photos.
nothing new for me. I been using the engine stand for years for projects like this and also fabricated a bracket to hold a turbo350/400 transmissions from the side. this way you can stand the tranny straight up. I have also done full body restorations and use my rotisserie to mount my minibike frames and you can get some crazy positions to get all the little hard spots...…..