Go kart Sprockets

Hey guys this is my very first post. Im looking at getting some new sprockets for my go kart. I want to get a 45 tooth big sprocket and a 20 tooth little sprocket. I figured this would be the best set up for top speed which is what im looking for. But my problem is the big sprocket is made for a number 40 chain and the little one is made for a 35 chain. Is there a chain that will work for both of these sprockets together?


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nope...they gotta be the same pitch.

a 20 and a 45 will give you big top end speed, just make sure your pusher can run 30MPH!


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Which is easier to change? Ft or rear ? Are they on a hub or direct to the axle.
What size is the axle or jackshaft/ clutch.

Is the #35 the clutch or a jackshaft sprocket? What is your HP ? Reason I ask is 35 or 40 better for you ?

Lots of places to get what you need.